Ask Sam Mailbag: 01.06.17

I wanted to get your take regarding this Rondo fiasco. I was never a fan of Rondo's, but thought he could help this season. Rondo, it would seem, was made specific promises that were not adhered to. Also, watching his successors toss up brick after brick with no real floor general skills is painful though I do see potential in MCW. Also, Doug looks real good as a 2-guard coming off the bench. All I get is national pundits who only bring up his past transgressions - particularly in Dallas. I don't see how he can get benched for his shooting when he never could shoot in the first place. The organization doesn't owe the public an explanation, but it seems Rondo himself is not sure why/how this is happening to him.
Tony Reed

Unless I'm mistaken, the losses we've had so far resulted in Jimmy playing 38-40mpg.
Kieron Smith

Jimmy can be the point guard; 8 assists no turnovers against Cavs. So much for not being able to pass when he runs the offense...
Jake Henry

Watching Bulls/Cavs and first, I love Hubie Brown. Don't know how well you know him, but having him as a commentator is amazing! He has a great TV voice plus he has so much basketball knowledge that you learn a lot about the game just listening to him. Second, I may be in the minority but I love watching this Bulls team. Other fans act like we were meant to play for the championship, but the truth is we are exactly where we should be. I love that MCW is starting for Rondo and commend Hoiberg for making that tough decision. We are still figuring things out and are in the midst of a possibly playing in the Playoffs, what more do you want after missing the playoffs last year and all the uncertainty coming into the year? Butler is playing out of his mind and I give Wade a lot of credit for that. Look forward to seeing how the season plays out!
Adam Garcia

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on Jerry Krause not being in the Hall of Fame.

I've read enough to understand he had some strained relationships; however his basketball resume is outstanding as far as constructing such a dominant team through smart trades and draft picks.
Mike Burling

Is Jimmy's step-back jump shot the real deal? He does need a go-to move. He's already our best player. If he starts making it consistently, he will be even harder to guard. He's already hard to keep out of the paint with his strength. It's amazing how strong he is and how easily he muscles through contact.
Ateeq Ahmed

There are stories about the Bulls trading for Brandon Knight. Things going on?
Ryan Carpel

Fans should not vote for All-Star. All star games ended for me in 98. Sonce than its been a buddy buddy game.
Bob Ding

I must have been dreaming last night that it was the middle of the season in the NBA. Has anyone ever heard of a flu shot? They're free with most insurance programs. NBA players do have health insurance, don't they?
William Kochneff

Clearly we struggle when our original starting lineup was out there. Substituting MCW for Rondo has helped, but we still have problems scoring until either McD or Mirotic come in. Is it time to think about substituting McD for Wade, or Mirotic for Taj. I hate not having Taj out there to start because he seems to score and gives us some defense so what about starting McD for Wade. I recognize that it is sacrilege to not start a future Hall of Famer who you're paying $24 million, but with the current starting lineup, slow starts and playing from behind seem unavoidable. Wade would still get his 28 minutes, but in a different part of the game. I wait for you to tell me why this is the most stupid idea that you have had in this week's mailbag.
Michael Mezey

My resolution is to bug you with more stupid questions.Can we trade Rondo to get Snell back?
Matthew Mikulice