Ask Sam: 4.21.17

The Blackhawks lose the first two playoff games at home to the 8th seed, the rebuilding White Sox have a better record than the World Series champion Cubs, and the Bulls beat the number one seed in the East?
William Kochneff

OK, now I see how important it was for the Bulls to make the playoffs. Not only will it be great for their confidence & experience, but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss all this fun. We knew that they had a better chance vs. Boston than in the typical 1 vs. 8 matchup. But I sure didn’t expect them to dominate like they did last night (in Game 2). The other big question is (or was) how do you pronounce ‘Rajon’? There are several different answers on the Internet (some of them dead wrong). I found the definitive answer on a site that has 4 clips of Rondo pronouncing it himself. He gets it right every time. It’s Rah-Jahn. Accent first syllable. Not Ray.
Art Alenik

So I am as guilty as anyone to get caught up with this nice start to the playoffs, and I know they may easily lose 4 in a row here, just the way the season has been. However, let's play the hot hand and should we say the Bulls are built for the playoffs, like an anti-Thibs mode? We were used to the Bulls pushing all regular season and not having a next level to go to in the playoffs, although injuries had a play in that as well. Maybe Hoiberg isn't as lost as some people think or the FO actually did an okay job of building a playoff team? It's still amazing to think this Celtics team is a 1 seed but maybe they had a Thibs-like Bulls team in the regular season and just don't scare anybody like the way Lebron was never worried about the Bulls even when they finished ahead of him in the regular season? Either way, it's a fun time and gotta get greedy now and look to the second round. Hope Atlanta can make a tough comeback because the Wizards are looking at an easy road to the ECF the way they usually beat the Bulls.
Jon Kueper

I don't usually watch postgame interviews, but I did after the first game of the playoffs. I found Jimmy Butler's demeanor to be interesting. I would say I was actually entertained by it, but it did not seem like the norm amongst people that were being interviewed. He made his lack of desire for the postgame interview very apparent in a humorous way. I think he openly cheered when the question was for Robin Lopez. So my two questions would be, is this common around the NBA and is this common with Jimmy Butler? I mean, I've seen him be very open to our own reporters in the locker room after games, but this was a new experience for me.
Jatin Patel

It really shouldn't depend on a series given what Jimmy and other players have demonstrated thus far in their careers. But if management thinks draft picks can set them up better for the future, it'll be interesting to see what they come up with.

With a few tweqks (2 or even a mere 1 additional impact player), this Bulls team could play spoiler that effects the rest of Lebron's legacy. If they go for a complete hit-the-reset button rebuild like the Lakers or Phoenix suns and get "young, athletic" 20 and 22 year olds, then it could essentially serve as a concession for the rest of Lebron's career. But JJ Barea, Nowitzki and their team can get past Lebron's team (with Wade & Bosh etc), then Jimmy Butler and some outstanding role players can do it too.

There are a number of journalists who a few weeks ago said the Bulls were not a playoff team; if the Bulls win this series will those analysts say this team can contend in the East next year if they add another talented player? Or that they were wrong about the potential of this roster?

One of my main points is that we are living in a society that increasingly seeks to tear people down. A reporter said he could not see how Rondo would be on this Bulls team after the Instagram incident and that Rondo had been a "disaster" from the start.

There are a lot of selective memories out there among those who report. Were Steve Kerr, Brian Williams, Jason Caffey, Kukoc, Beuchler, Bill Wennington all that good or any better than; Zipser, Portis, Mirotic, Felicio, etc?
LongGIang Le

Great win last night! Valentine didn't play. I trust the coach but I gotta ask, is it purely based on lack of experience? Also, who gets your vote for rookie of the year? I think someone from Philly will win but I was very impressed with Brogdon from Milwaukee.
Ateeq Ahmed

I see a little of the Warriors in the Bulls lately.If they continue, it could catch the eye of some free agents!
Rex Doty

Is ‘Melo is this generations Tracy McGrady?
Mike Sutera

Please submit my apologies to the team. I was a fan who was already looking ahead to next season. They obviously have bigger plans. Zipser is really establishing himself! He has a big role for us going forward.
Matt Mikulice

Westbrook can’t do anymore than he did Wednesday. Has no 2nd option to score. Needs to go out and recruit hard this summer. Even Rose would be good. Can play the 2 with Russ and spell Russ when he needs a breather.

Bob Ding

I told a guy at work if we made the playoffs we could win the whole thing. He laughed at me. We are getting so hot right now it's possible.
Ryan Carpel

The Bulls should now fleece other teams while DWade, Rondo & Butler are at their peak powers! I remember back in the old days you used to do the good potential trades!
Lawrence Bentley