Ask Sam: 3.3.17

I have read quotes from guys like Cameron Payne and Bobby Portis about not really knowing when they will play or how they can gain minutes. There have been other things like "knowing your role" or the Rondo benching and then back in the rotation, that seems to be confusing for this team also. Is it part of Hoiberg's job to do a better job letting these guys know his plan better, or do we just say "they are pros" and gotta figure it out themselves? Is this the job of the veterans on the team to communicate better or is this just not a big deal for an NBA team? I would think I would want to know if I am going to get minutes, especially when I just got traded to the team, but I understand you got to be ready to play whenever someone goes down.
Jon Kueper

Do you expect the Bulls to run with 5 point guards for the rest of the year or do you think we will release one and bring in a big man? Eg. Terrance Jones.
Shaun Chalmer

I've been really impressed with Rondo over the last few weeks. Seems to be displaying everything the Bulls were looking for from him when they signed him. In particular against Golden State he was so aggressive.

If he truly accepts this back up role I'd love him to hang around next year.
Mike Burling

People expect sensational deals from Ainge, as in 2007 & 2014, so they're disappointed when he holds his cards, but he has quietly built a team that is almost there, but not quite. Red taught him how to deal so he's always lurking, and other GMs know that. Boston is one good draft choice & one good FA away. Cleveland - Love is a bit fragile, LBJ is getting old, Irving believes the earth is flat - they're not built to last. Carmelo is stuck in NY and NY is stuck with him, meaning that their streak will reach 44 this year. Is that PG from Washington as good as they say he is?
Terry Wanatah

The number of severe injuries happening in the NBA is becoming ridiculous. Best training, diet and facilities ever! The problem: Scheduling. Teams have 2-4 just ridiculous road trips. Back to backs across the country not uncommon. It’s depleting the value of following the NBA!
Rex Doty

The Clippers need to rebuild instead of signing CP3 and Blake to monster deals.
Mike Sutera

What about Jimmer Fredette? He'd be at least as good of a project as Grant or Payne or Rondo or MCW or Canaan...Give him the green light? At least I'm not asking you about a Dajuan Wagner comeback...
Matthew Mikulice

Let's sign Ben Gordon; he's hungry. And he had 34 against Sioux Falls last week. And why didn’t we sign Seth Curry?
Ryan Carpel

I hope you didn’t vote for Embiid for ROY.
Bob Ding

How did the Celtics draft Bird when he wasn't leaving college for another year? I'd like for that to be the procedure in the NFL: Where a team like the Bears could draft a guy who may leave college next year even while he's playing for another year in the NCAA still. Fans and teams are a bit impatient nowadays in comparison - Red Auerbach basically had tenure by then right? Over 8 championships can do that for you huh?

Now teams wouldn't wait for someone's class to graduate. Just scoop them up out of high school.
It's nuts. The children need time to become men & women instead of molding them into pro athletes who wind up less well-developed all around.
LongGiang Le

So the way I see it, as long as the Bulls can avoid the nuggets, twolves, Knicks, bucks, hornets, suns, lakers, heat and mavericks in the playoffs they should be fine, right?
Guy Danilowitz