Ask Sam: 12.30.16

Rondo might be able to guard 2nd unit guys. MCW will help Jimmy conserve energy with his defense, and help with rebounding. If Rondo becomes sad/mad, oh well.
Matt Ruth

The Bulls bigs look to be the culprit on Defense again. Aldridge is a top player - but letting Brook Lopez go off for over 30 pts is a failure for Robin and some of the other low post players - probably mostly Robin.That's where the Bulls need the upgrade. Center and Power Forward especially. Taj needs to be better or perhaps it's a team effort down there.

I do miss Joakim - I don't know if he continues to have injury issues. I heard he did miss games already this year. He is likely to never be the same - so I don't blame the Bulls for trading him.

Too many Chicago media don't appreciate the plan and thinking inside Bulls management. They act like they could do such a better job as GM. If Bulls Management didn't have good plans in the past 10 years, they would not have had a good enough team to at least challenge the Heat, which they did even with a flawed superstar and no other stars. They drafted solid basketball players from strong winning programs: Deng, Hinrich, Joakim, Gordon....yet people act like they know so much better.
LongGiang Le

Is it just me, or are others unimpressed with the victory over the Pacers last night? Sure, there are always good things. Mirotic had his shot going, Rondo moved the ball. The defense looked better. But, the Bulls could just have easily lost as won. It seemed like too many players were trying to make one-on-one moves in the half court, passing out when the lane closed up. That's not ball movement. The Bulls won. So, I guess they impressed you with something, right?
William Kochneff

What was the reasoning behind RJ Hunter's release? Kid should have stayed in college an extra yr.
Shaun Chalmer

I hate to bring it up, but the Derek Carr injury feels eerily similar to the Derrick Rose injury. A young, up and coming star injured right before a big playoff run as a contender. Both were also in games that were seemingly won. What do you think?
Victor Wisel

Any truth to this from the Enstars entertainment and celebrity site: “Rumors have it that the Chicago Bulls are interested in acquiring John Wall from the Washington Wizards before the trade deadline that will give a big boost on their campaign.” Also after watching the Spurs I realized we need role players. I say the Bulls promote McKinnie who was on the USA 3x3 team.
Ryan Carpel

I’m glad you mentioned McKinnie. I wrote a story about him this week for the Windy City Bulls web site. He’s an interesting guy who I think has better basketball in him since he transferred and was injured in college. Great jumper and hard worker and team guy. Reminds me a little of Malcolm Thomas, the Bulls summer league sensation of a few years back who kicked around the NBA a few seasons. And McKinnie has a better shot. He had some interesting stuff to say regarding how difficult it is to come back from knee injuries even as critics say you are ready to play. A story of his I loved—hated, really—was how his family was relieved he got a job playing basketball in Mexico so he wouldn’t have to be back home on the West Side in summer and face the violence. Yes, his family was glad he was going to Mexico for safety.