Ask Sam: 10.28.16

Great start for the season (albeit the rebound difference that effectively gave the Bulls the win might have something to do with Boston being on the wrong side of a back-to-back). Do you think that the team might play better this season without the title expectations and contender status it had the previous years? As a fan I know I'm more excited to just see this experiment unfold and have fun with the great plays Wade, Rondo and co will do throughout the season, rather than be over worrying about beating LeBron in the playoffs. Also, is it too soon to start the "Anthony Davis-to-the-Bulls" free agency campaign? 50-16 to start the season makes me think 2021 is just around the corner.
Jay Ernani

As much as I love and root for the Cubbies I am glad to see the Bulls back on the court. Like a lot of fans my expectations are tempered this year - no challenging LeBron and GSW for a title. But I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I'm looking forward to watching this team. I know you've been a big Derrick Rose supporter but I just couldn't forgive his last couple of years and I'm glad he's gone. I wasn't sure about the "rebuilding" process management went thru, but in retrospect I'm glad they didn't tear the house down completely. The "plan" worked for the Cubs, but not sure it translates as well in the NBA (ask the 76ers right?). The Bulls will be competitive most nights and worth watching. In the end professional sports are still just a business so you have to put butts in seats. But I'll enjoy the stories like Wade's homecoming, the hopeful rise of youngsters like Doug and Niko (and Bobby?) or the ticking time bomb that might be Rondo (?).
Dennis Wiesnoski

If you know you could have MCW this October, will you still sign Rondo?
King Berango

I hope this RJ Hunter is a steal. Maybe he will be a decent three threat with one year of pro ball under his belt. He played great in the ncaa. Looks like a Reggie Theus!
Ryan Carpel

I’m not sure about the number of wins but if the relationships continue to build, this will definitely affect the final total.
Rex Doty

Taj really is a quality guy. Maybe my favorite Bull with Noah gone. Reminds me a little of Pax, when they kept on trying to get guys to knock him out of the starting 5. Those two and Luol could start the Underappreciated Bulls Club.
Art Alenik

Team looked good. Showed more chemistry in 1 game than the team did last season from 82 games. Wade was clutch Taj was amazing; Lopez is so fun to watch; MCW is a super sub with these older guards. Very valuable; MCW is sooooo much better than Snell it's not funny. Even when his shot isn't falling, he's still able to affect a game defensively and on the boards. The Bulls have the best rebounding guards in all of basketball and it's not even close. 55 total for the game; They out rebounded Boston by 19! If that trend continues, and they keep getting to the FT line, they'll be winning a lot of games. And on another topic, man, the Thunder don’t have any offense really outside of Russ. gonna be a struggle nightly.
Mike Sutera