Perspectives on No. 33


Perspectives on No. 33
Some of Scottie Pippen's biggest fans discuss what they'll remember best about him

“Scottie Pippen was a true professional. On a personal note, he influenced the way I played basketball, in that he had an effect on all areas on the floor. Sometimes he would be bringing the ball up the court, while the next time down the floor he was playing the point guard and the center, all on the same possession! I have a great respect for him. This is truly an end to a grand era in my life. From the bank shots to the defense to the all-around excellence to the championships, I just want to say, ‘Thank you, Scottie!’”

- Austin | Michigan City, IN

“Unfortunately a single paragraph isn't the slight bit of words to describe Scottie Pippen's contribution not only to the Chicago Bulls but the impact he had in the game of basketball. Two words that definitely describe him are: true professional. Personally, I will never forget last year's game against the Atlanta Hawks on October 31, where the Bulls seemed to fall apart in the fourth quarter until a 37 year old Pippen showed what he is made of. With clutch plays down the line he led the Bulls to a 100-94 victory. Good luck, Scottie!”

- John | Chicago, IL

“Pip could score from the perimeter and inside, transformed the term ‘point-forward,’ could pass, rebound, block shot shots, and was one of the best defensive players ever. Pip was also a great teacher and leader as his teammates over the years will validate. In my opinion and the opinion of Pip’s teammates on the Bulls he certainly didn’t take a backseat to anyone, including Michael Jordan. Those great teams were just as much Pippen’s as they were Jordan’s, if not more. Pippen is also one of the most accomplished NBA players in the history of the game and in sports history.”

- Matt | Chesaning, MI

“I always admired how such an incredibly talented player could stand to be in Michael's ‘shadow’ for so long. He could have easily whined about wanting to lead his own team and break away from the Bulls while Michael was still playing, but he never did. And that takes more guts and courage than anyone will ever know.”

- Lito | Bloomington, IN

“Although a lot of people may not realize the value of Pippen to the teams he played for, and even to the game of basketball; basketball players and players at heart, see the essence of his game. Simply put: He was an unselfish player, one that was bigger than the stat sheets during a time when statistics made stars.”

- Brian | Philippines

“Scottie is one of those rare players that could dominate a game without scoring a single point. He didn't have to score a lot of points to be an effective player. He is one of the best team defenders of all time as well, meaning that he could guard just about anybody on the opposing team and he did most nights. He expended so much energy it seemed like he never ran out of energy because he was always all over the court reeking havoc offensively or defensively. I have always loved Scottie as a player because he played hard every second he was on the court never taking it for granted.”

- Kirby | Okmulgee, OK

“To me, Scottie Pippen was what a basketball player was all about: Athletic, quick, strong, unselfish, smart, tenacious, a brilliant all around defender, player and team man. So often playing in the great Michael Jordan's shadow, Pippen did what needed to be done for his team when it was needed the most. With amazing court awareness and ability to shut down his opponents, Pippen was the ultimate all around player. His great statistics don't come close to glorifying his contribution to the game of NBA basketball.”

- Justin | Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia

“What comes to mind when I look back at Scottie Pippen's career? My childhood and fascination of NBA basketball. Sleepless nights watching NBA playoffs and finals. The picture of one of the greatest player this sport has ever seen: Scottie Pippen. His skills, his ability, his quickness and the feel of basketball. I always wanted to play like Scottie Pippen. For me he is always going to be one of the greatest, my favorite. Scottie Pippen played basketball as it should be played. Watching him was just amazing. I will miss him...”

- Maciek | Poland

“Despite the six NBA Championships when it comes to Scottie's career the thing I will always look back on is his 1994/95 seasons where he was no longer in the shadows of Michael Jordan. His play in those two seasons left no doubt in anyone’s mind that this player had something special. He became a true leader in those two seasons, not just a shadow. His commitment to his defensive game and his dedication to his teammates will always be etched into my mind. He is truly one of the greatest and I’m glad he ended his career in Chicago because that’s where his belongs.”

- Peter | Australia

“Scottie's all-around game was always respected and admired by fans worldwide. He could play point-forward and make some dazzling passes, his bulls-eye shot as a shooting guard was feared by every team in the league, and could play either forward spot, while rebounding and scoring with the best. His defense tenacity and fundamentals were as a result of hard work, focus, and playing team basketball until the final buzzer. Whether it was a jaw-dropping dunk or a giving up his body to grab a loose ball in the stands, Pippen's never ending pursuit of winning games, championships, and gold medals as a true All-Star and Olympian will forever be sketched in all fans alike.”

- Cesar | Twin Falls, Idaho

“Pippen's true value to the Chicago Bulls as well as the league is truly underappreciated. His lights out defense and the willingness to put the team first in an era where me is before we, places Scottie among the all-time greats.”

- J.J. | Dallas, TX

“It was the little things that Scottie did which grabbed my attention, rather than Michael's high flying dunks and amazing scoring ability. While Michael scored point after point, Scottie made sure that the opposing team would not score with such ease. Scottie Pippen's amazing defense prevented other teams from exploiting their star players, which ultimately led to six NBA championships.”

- Dipesh | Bristol, RI

“Scottie Pippen is simply the best player I've ever seen play the game. He did everything on the basketball court and his greatness is beyond the stat sheet. Scottie did the little things, the hustle plays, the defensive assignments and plays that do not receive attention. Scottie was the glue for the Bull's dynasty, for it is true that he did not win a title without Michael Jordan, it can also be said that Michael did not win one with out Scottie Pippen.”

- Kareem | Windsor, Ontario

“Through thick and then, he took every lump that Michael took. I feel so incredibly privileged to have watched Scottie play basketball. Small school, had to gain his credibility, and he’s a blue collar guy. He’s one of the greatest all around players to step on the court.”

- Jeffrey | Phoenix, AZ

“The way that Pippen mastered ALL the aspects of basketball that drew me to him. Buy me studying Pippen's game i saw basketball in a different light from my peers (that were at the time busy captivated by Jordan highlights). If Phil Jackson is considered a genius of the court then Pippen should be the genius on the court.”

- Leonardo | New York City, NY

“Scottie Pippen was an excellent player, who graciously played the game with all his heart and soul. Scottie Pippen will be greatly missed. His skills brought him to another level in the league; he did not need a fancy crossover to stand out because his hard work made him standout. I think he contributed just as much and maybe more at times than Michael Jordan did. Scottie Pippen, you made others around you better and your contributions to the game are greatly appreciated.”

- LaToya | Chicago, IL

“To me the real mark of a great player is what his impact is on the league, changes or mindsets he changed or perhaps started. Scottie Pippen fits this to a tee. From the Bulls perspective they have been trying to fill the huge void left by his departure at SF for years, and to date they have not succeeded or even come close to for that matter (but hopefully Deng will be that answer in the future) The NBA as a whole looks at the SF position and wants a quick, long, defensive stopper, good scorer, a.k.a. ‘Point Forward’ to play it. Sound like anyone we know? Was the term ‘Point Forward’ even used before Scottie Pippen made it look so easy? No, which is the mark of greatness, leaving your mark on the minds of one's and affecting their views even after you are gone.”

- Ian | Charlottesville, VA

“His steals. His dunks. His amazing three-pointers. His passes. The leadership skills he displayed every time he stepped on the court. Scottie truly was the whole package, a player the likes of which we may never see again.”

- Becca | Chicago, IL


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