Keys To The Game: Bulls vs. Heat (4.2.22)

The Bulls face off with the Miami Heat on Saturday night, looking to pick up a big win as the 2021-22 regular season winds down.

Chicago has lost the previous three games to Miami this season, with Saturday marking Chicago's opportunity to avoid a season sweep. Here's how the Bulls can matchup with the Heat in this late-season showdown.

Continue to feed Patrick Williams shots

The Bulls former No. 4 overall pick flashed the potential that makes him a long-term answer on this Bulls roster. He collected a double-double of 10 points, 12 rebounds and he had two blocks to boot. But the Bulls could still use more field goal attempts (FGAs) out of Williams.

If Williams is being aggressive, even with limited shot attempts, the Bulls offense will be in a much better place. Defensively, we have always expected Williams to add some much-needed size and rebounding, so the rim protection and work on the glass was excellent to see.

Whether he starts or continues to come off the bench, we need to see an engaged Patrick Williams on Saturday and the rest of the season as we approach the playoffs.

Be aggressive from the 3-point line

The Bulls are a disadvantage against Miami when it comes to 3-point shooting. Chicago has been able to keep things close against the Heat at times through sheer offensive execution and getting to the free throw line.

But against a Miami team that could possibly be firing on all cylinders as they prep for the postseason, the Bulls will need to up their 3-point attempt rate, even if only marginally.

The Bulls shot 34.5% from the 3-point on 29 attempts overall in their recent win over the Clippers.

Attack the best matchup on offense

The Heat have an elite defense, giving up a mere 107.9 points per 100 possessions per NBA.com/stats. If the Bulls want to knock off the Heat on Saturday night, they will need to stray from their usual offense on occasion to hunt the best mismatch.

Miami, of course, doesn't have many poor defenders but it is still possible to hunt a mismatch. For example, for a team that likes to switch as much as Miami does on defense, it is possible to find Nikola Vucevic posting up a smaller defender like the tough but much shorter PJ Tucker.

If Chicago is patient on Saturday night, they can control and manipulate Miami's defense to the tune of an efficient night.