Top 10 stories told from the Timeout Bulls podcast this season

The Chicago Bulls began this season with Timeout Bulls, a Chicago Bulls podcast driven by Lexus. Bulls radio announcer Chuck Swirsky was its distinguished host, going beyond the X's and O's with some of the game's greatest athletes and figures in the sport. Here are the top ten stories and quotes told from guests this season. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and the Google Play store.

Jim Rose

“Michael (Jordan), I’m gonna guarantee you from the time you walk in the building, to the time we’re done taping and you leaving, being at your car - 45 minutes. For every 5 minutes after the 45 minutes, we will give you $5,000.”

Bill Wennington

"I outgrew skates. I was 12 years old, I had a size 13 skate, and the next year I had a 14 shoe. So I couldn’t get skates anymore."

Mike Brey

"...would call me when she (his mother) was 83 and I’d wait for her to say, ‘Mike how ya doing?’ and she would say, 'Are we ready for Duke tomorrow?'."

James Capers

"You have to learn being out with these guys. That’s why the maturation process of a young official takes so long, because he can’t go like a player in offseason and work on his shot. He can referee some games, but he will never see games like this."

Mike Krzyzewski

"I think if you have a passion in you heart you just follow it, and then hopefully that works, instead of doing something and putting a lid on your passion"

Jerry Colangelo

"Be a sponge, learn from people who have been around, done it, because that’s how you can get somewhere"

Jamal Crawford

"It has been an unbelievable experience to be that involved in, that in love with, something for so long and I love it to this day - even more than I did before as a kid."

Doug Collins

"If you’re going to be successful, you better develop a level of trust so you can speak the truth. Truth cannot come before trust. Because if you speak the truth to somebody who doesn’t trust you, it’s personal."

Doris Burke

"You’re going to make little choices everyday, you’re going to put in the time, the work, the effort, that it takes to be successful, or you aren’t. It’s one or the other."

John Paxson

John breaks down his game-wining shot over Phoenix to seal the championship in Game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals.