Chicago, Illinois


Clark Atlanta University

What does being a member of the Luvabulls mean to you?

Becoming a Chicago Luvabull is one of my biggest accomplishments. To have the opportunity to be apart of an organization with such an amazing, positive reputation and outstanding work ethic that still allows me to express my personality through dance, leaves me speechless with joy :-) I’m more than honored to be given the opportunity to represent my hometown in such a way! GO BULLS!!!!

How has your dancing experience led you to this point?

Dear mom and Mayfair Academy, although I wined and cried through countless ballet classes, not understanding the importance of them, THANK YOU for the discipline and making me get through them *hehe* My training in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop etc has allowed me to start my journey in striving to become the best dancer/performer I can be and has lead me to continue with the Chicago Luvabulls!

What is your claim to fame—besides being a Luvabull?

My claim to fame is my passion for dance/entertainment and being a positive, impressive role model.

What people do you admire the most and how have they supported or inspired you as a dancer?

My family and friends are my biggest fans!! My biggest fans HANDS DOWN would be my loving mother Ms Jackie Davis and my brother DJ! I literally dream of being as strong and loving as her. After losing our father/husband of 27 years she NEVER gave up on anything! She continued to work even harder and ALWAYS “found a way or made one.” She always pushes me when I want to give up and supports me unconditionally. My family and friends’ genuine support and belief in me WILL NOT LET ME FAIL ;-)

What is your proudest accomplishment to date and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Throughout my life God has given me countless blessings, and brought me to a number of accomplishments. I believe my biggest accomplishment has simply been remembering my strength through disappointments. I stay focused on success, never give up and “KEEP MOVING ON!” Things don’t always go as planned but I’m a strong believer in knowing that things happen for a reason! Ten years from now no matter what career path I choose, I see myself living regret free, free spirited, living life to the fullest, with a loving husband and children! Oh...and if I was given an opportunity to perform with Janet Jackson by then that would be GREAT as well ;-)