Taj Gibson goes to Thailand: Part II

Taj Gibson goes to Thailand: Part II

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By Sam Smith | 08.06.2014 | 8:50 a.m. CT | asksam@bulls.com | @SamSmithHoops 

Taj Gibson recently returned from an NBA trip to Thailand for the Jr. NBA Thailand 2014 National Training Camp presented by Foremost. Gibson helped coach participants from throughout the country vying to become Jr. NBA Thailand All-Stars and play against counterparts from other countries.  The NBA recently added similar programs in Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. There was an open Selection Camp that led to 64 boys and girls aged 14 and under advancing to the National Training Camp at the New International School of Thailand, where Gibson helped provide counseling and training. Gibson with the assistance of NBA International Communications provided a three-day diary of his experiences that will appear this week in Bulls.com. Here is Part II. 


“We got up early and went to the camp and got a chance to work with all the kids. I jumped in a lot of drills today with them. We ran a couple of plays. They were real eager to learn and real eager to try to understand about the NBA. Every time I jumped into a drill they really dug in and really tried to match my intensity. That really was fun. We ended up playing some one on ones, also. That really was good for the kids’ confidence. A lot of them did feel scared, but you could understand. A lot of them were really good, though. I really enjoyed the one on one playing as much as they did. It’s great for kids to be able to play against a player from the NBA. I wish I had that kind of opportunity to do something like that when I was younger. It was really fun for them and fun for me to see them enjoying it like that. Then we went to the Muay Thai fights. There must have been like 10 or 11 fights. Different weights and classes. About every fight was a knockout and real exciting. You really get caught up in it. These guys really take a beating in the ribs, the stomach, even the face, getting hit with elbows straight line, knees, and feet. It was something to see, very tough. It was another great day.” 

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