Ask Sam Mailbag: 01.20.17

Kudos to the fans, coaches and you media folks for voting Jimmy as an all-star starter.
Ateeq Ahmed

I know you have repetitively written about the rebuild conundrum. Your angst against the Philadelphia rebuild process seems to be proven wrong with their latest success. Watching the Bulls be mediocre with Wade and Rondo is not my idea of entertainment. I am a let's take a shot with the ping pong balls guy. Yes it is painful to lose but at least knowing we are trying for young talent provides hope. I believe fans are more resilient than the media or NBA management give them credit. Yes the Philadelphia rebuild took longer than they hoped but it clearly is working and they are developing into a young exciting team with of the their best hopes, Simmons out with an injury. Watching a try for .500 is not my entertainment option. Do you have second thoughts about the Philadelphia rebuild?
Bruce Roberts

We've all laughed at Philly and rightly so however Embid has changed their make up and Simmons will return after the All Star break. They could make some noise in the coming seasons with a couple of smart free agent signings.
Mike Burling

I remember you saying that by year 3 you know what you got when it comes to the younger players and conveniently they sign 4-year contracts. You know by the time they are up for extensions how much to spend on them. Do you still think that with the younger players coming into the league after being one and done? Do you see them maybe adding another year to rookie contracts to compensate for this change? Or will teams stop giving extensions so casually? A guys like Mudiay and DeAngelo Russel come to mind. I think you'll need yr 4 and maybe 5 to figure it out and those guys will look for the max contract.
Al Hasan

Another proposed trade for you. Do you think Thibodeau’s desire to get some veterans who understand his principles would induce him to take on Gibson and Rondo—two players he knows very well—in exchange for Ricky Rubio and Zach Lavine (and maybe Jordan Hill or Adreian Payne as a throw in)? Thibs gets some vets with a few years left in them to mentor his young players, in particular a tough and versatile front-line defender in Gibson, who would instantly start next to Karl-Anthony Towns; he gets to unload Rubio to make room for Kris Dunn; and in doing so he gains some roster flexibility with shorter contracts. The key to the deal for Bulls is Lavine.
Doug Siebold

Let the trade rumors begin!! I've read online "ideas" of Bulls sending Butler for Melo. That doesn't make any sense. The Bulls wouldn't do that. Would they? I get the feeling Wade will ask the Bulls to look into it but not for Butler.
Victor Devaldivielso

I'm wondering why Mirotic shoots so many threes. He had a good shooting year last year but this year and his rookie year he's been worse than Antoine Walker. I know that Bulls need three point shooting but Mirotic seems to be wearing the wrong hat. He appears to be at his best in transition and finishing with crafty layups around the rim. He has a decent midrange game as well. Or is it Mirotic's responsibility to look for more opportunities inside the three point line? Lastly, I love seeing Doug get the ball in the post. I think that he's just as good as Jimmy down there. Too bad he's mostly relegated to the corner and we only see it on occasion.
Yuriy Fomin

What do you think of Wade resting all these games? Seems that whenever we get a win that it then turns into a double header which then has Wade sitting. How can we ever get momentum this way?
Andrew Brown

It’s time that the fans give a round of applause to Taj. He earned a starting spot in training camp, stopped that silly up/down attempt at a fake near the rim and added a solid 12 foot jumper. He continues to play excellent defense and the evolution at his age is remarkable. It’s his contract year and hopefully the Bulls can resign him for two more years.
John Petersen

I had no idea there were still trade rumors about Butler. He’s our best player, and is apparently still improving. He’s also one of the dozen or so best players in the NBA. Re Rajon Rondo: Glad he’s back in the rotation, and I think working with the 2nd unit is perfect for him… and for them.
Art Alenik

Hawks shopping Dwight to Pelicans. Ouch. Dwight's a pain, but thats just cold by Atlanta to do that to him.
Mike Sutera

ESPN says the Bulls & Bosh
LongGiang Le