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Make the most of your season tickets!

ClickTix at is your one-stop site for online account management. Through ClickTix you can re-sell your season tickets safely and securely to other fans using Resale Marketplace. Once your tickets are sold, you can have that money credited to the bank account of your choice or credited to your Chicago Bulls account.

View this brief tutorial on posting your tickets for sale.

Please note that your season tickets cannot be forwarded from ClickTix to the email address on your account. In addition, and the Resale Marketplace are the only authorized agents for buying and reselling Bulls tickets.

With free ticket forwarding, you can send your tickets to virtually anyone by email (up to one hour before tip-off). Ticket forwarding is a free alternative to overnight delivery or courier services.

ClickTix allows you to make payments, view your invoices and balances, track your ticket usage or update portions of your account profile.

To access your account information, simply log-in to ClickTix using your account ID and password which can be found in your preseason ClickTix correspondence, or found on your season ticket and Playoff ticket invoices.

For assistance or more information, call 312-455-4000 and ask for a Ticket Executive.

Donate your tickets to Chicago Bulls Charities via ClickTix!

Season Ticket Holders can contribute to Chicago Bulls Charities in a unique way. By donating your tickets, we can give deserving organizations and individuals the opportunity to see a game. To donate your tickets, please visit ClickTix and log into your account. From there you can select the game date and click the “Donate to Charity” button. At the end of the month, our Community Relations Department will acknowledge your donation with a receipt from Chicago Bulls Charities. When donating tickets, please do so at least 24 hours in advance.

Official. Fast. Secure. Resale Marketplace offers Season Ticket Holders and fans an official and secure forum for selling and buying tickets online, and gives season ticket holders a stake in the thriving secondary market. Resale Marketplace for Fans Buying Tickets — Buy tickets directly from Chicago Bulls Season Ticket Holders. Resale Marketplace for Season Ticket Holders — Post your season tickets for sale safely and securely.

You can choose how you would like to receive your money back! Your money can be applied to the bank account of your choice approximately 3-4 weeks after your tickets are sold. Or, you can apply the money toward your 2013 Playoff tickets (should the Bulls qualify), or your season tickets for 2013-14.

If your tickets are sold, the buyer will receive your tickets instantly by email. The buyer can print the tickets and use them for admittance to the United Center. Your original tickets become void (the bar codes on those tickets get canceled and will not be accepted at the United Center).


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