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Demar wearing the City Edition jersey 2022-23 NBA Season

Municipal Y

  • > With an ode to the classic architecture of Chicago, this year's uniform includes several details of the Chicago Municipal Y.
  • > The symbol was introduced by the City of Chicago in 1917, to represent the three branches of the Chicago river coming together at Wolf Point.
  • > The Municipal Y, much like the Chicago river, can be found all over our city and serves as a signal of what unites – not divides – us.


The repeated background pattern is inspired by the Municipal Y.


The rust-color featured throughout the uniform deviates from the Bulls’ traditional bright red – an intentional choice to reflect the color of bridges in downtown Chicago that stretch across the Chicago River.


Rust-colored “Y” symbols with two sets of five lines, representing the number of players from each team on the court, run down the sides of the uniform and branch off at the shorts, mimicking the split of the Chicago River.

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