2020-21 City Edition

Art Deco Font

The Chicago wordmark and the numbers on the jersey are displayed in an art deco style font. This font was inspired by the one used on directional signage at the United Center.

Bulls Diamond

On the shorts you will find the iconic Bulls uniform diamond shape. Inside the diamond there are the four stars from the Chicago flag. The stars are placed in the corners of the diamond to mimic the look of rivets in the ironwork of skyscrapers.

Geometric Pattern

The side of the uniform takes the diamond pattern from the shorts and continues it up into an intricate geometric pattern. This pattern is also indicative of the art deco style found in many buildings in Chicago.

Tag Anthem

This is an homage to Daniel Burnham, the city planner who designed the city of Chicago after the great Chicago fire. His famous quote about Chicago is “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.” This is a reminder to our players to always set big goals for themselves and aim higher.

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