Chuck's Daily Check In - 10.16.19

The Bulls are back on the practice floor after attending last night's "An Evening With The Chicago Bulls" celebrating it's 31st year of such an event. Proceeds from the event benefit Chicago Bulls Charities which assist children and communities in need. Year after year, under the guidance of CBC President Nancy Reinsdorf, CBC continues to grow and contribute to the betterment of the city of Chicago. From the Reinsdorf family to Bulls management to Head Coach Jim Boylen and Bulls players, the commitment of giving back to Chicago is more than just talk-it's real.


Boston 118, Cleveland 95. Rookie Carsen Edwards (Purdue) drilled 8–count ‘em 8- 3 point field goals in the third quarter, finishing with 30 points for the Celtics. Cavs rookie Darius Garland drafted fifth overall, scored 16 points.

Minnesota 119, Indiana 111. Karl-Anthony Towns with a monster 30-10-4 game for the T-Wolves.

Philadelphia 106, Detroit 86. Joel Embiid had a 24 points 8 rebounds game. He went 8-8 from the line.

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