Chuck Checks In: Thank you, Bulls fans.

The NBA will resume action in late July and that's sensational news for all of us who love the great game of basketball.

Unfortunately for Bulls fans, we are not among the 22 teams advancing in regular season play, therefore, our season is over.

In my 22 years as an NBA announcer I've gone through two work stoppages due to labor issues and now a shortened season because of the devastating pandemic. But I have learned over the years to adjust, cope and handle whatever comes my way.

While I flat out love the game of basketball, in particular the Bulls franchise, these last two and one half months have been reflective and therapeutic in so many ways. Engaging in daily virtual communication with family, friends, co-workers and others has been uplifting, challenging me to be a better husband, father and friend; to listen rather than speak. The period of time has also allowed me to be introduced to so many young women and men who aspire to become sports broadcasters. Their work is outstanding; their passion is pure. I truly enjoy using my position with the Bulls to enhance the lives of others.

I continue to offer positive thoughts, prayers and support (financial and otherwise) to the women and men on the front line, first responders, along with those working non stop in the transportation and food industries during this pandemic. My heart is also sensitive to hundreds of thousands of lives that were and continue to be dramatically changed forever because of the ongoing coronavirus.

Now....let's talk basketball.

Thank you to the Bulls organization for another year of support and assistance. We have an incredible group, one I am extremely proud of. The women and men who pass through the United Center on a daily basis are among the finest in professional sports. In every department, Bulls employees bring effort, energy and professionalism. I'll go through a brick wall for every employee regardless of department or years of service. I have a tremendous amount of regard for my brothers and sisters who show up each and every day and give of themselves selflessly for the betterment of the organization.

To our fans, season seat holders, corporate partners, sponsors and to those who work so very hard to save money to attend even one game , better days are ahead. President Michael Reinsdorf hired two outstanding executives to run the basketball side in Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley. They will bring fresh, innovative views and concepts to implement, secure and sustain on court progress and development of the Bulls franchise. In other words, the Bulls aren't here just to compete, they're here to win an NBA title. Period.

My broadcast partner Bill Wennington is the best and I feel so fortunate to call games with him. His insight, sense of humor and love of the game allows our chemistry to grow season after season. He is a fantastic person.

I can't say enough about 670 The Score and Program Manager Mitch Rosen. Mitch is awesome with his continuing support and enthusiasm. Mitch is great, as is our wonderfully, gifted engineer Rich Wyatt who brings his attention to detail every game with a smile on his face. The many women and men at 670 The Score and the Bulls Radio Network who put the broadcast together, whether it's producers, board operators, traffic, sales, etc., you are very much appreciated. Thank you.

I love my job and love the game. I'm just as passionate today about my love of broadcasting basketball games as I was when I first began years ago. I will never mail it in. Ever. I have plenty left in the tank. My energy, focus and drive is at an all time high. I'm all in and all Bulls. This isn't a job..it's a passion.

Thank you to all of our listeners and those who catch our interviews on Bulls TV and who read my daily in season column on Bulls.com Continue to follow the Bulls on social media for the latest information. I am fired up for 2020-21 season.

Should you care to reach out, please do so at: cswirsky@bulls.com or Twitter: @ctsbulls.

With respect and admiration, I sincerely thank you.

Always a pleasure.

Chuck Swirsky