This season, the Bulls have teamed up with Bud Light and photographer Chuck Anderson to bring the best of Chicago photographers, artists and designers to take over the Bulls Instagram page on select game nights. Each photographer brought their unique style to their select night in a program unlike anything else in sports social media. Click on the photographer's Bud Light photo below for a selection of their images from their takeover night.

11.04.16 vs. Knicks

Jason Peterson (@jasonmpeterson)

11.30.16 vs. Lakers

Craig Shimala (@cshimala)

12.02.16 vs. Cavaliers

Zach Lipson (@zachlipson)

12.13.16 vs. Timberwolves

Craig Hensel (@thecraighensel)

12.31.16 vs. Bucks

Chuck Anderson (@nopattern)

01.07.17 vs. Raptors

Jesse Lirola (@jesselirola)

01.17.17 vs. Mavericks

Nolis Anderson (@nolis)

01.29.17 vs. 76ers

Alina Tsvor (@alinatsvor)

02.16.17 vs. Celtics

Michael Salisbury (@msalisbu)

03.02.17 vs. Warriors

Danny Mota (@dannymota)

03.15.17 vs. Grizzlies

Dennis Elliot (@ddesigns_)

03.30.17 vs. Cavaliers

Matt Marzahl (@multimarz)

04.12.17 vs. Nets

Ryan Chun (@6corners)