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The newest monthly offering from the Bulls and BMO features premium Bulls-themed gifts that bring a little piece of gameday home to fans.

The Bulls are proud to partner with BMO to feature local artists and Black owned businesses in these curated boxes as a way to support and celebrate our Chicago community all season long.

Check back soon for more information and ways you can win January’s exclusive box featuring local artist Bianca Pastel and the Bulls x BMO highlighted Black Owned Business Mettle Fitness.

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Bianca Pastel

January Spotlight Artist

Bianca Pastel


Bianca Pastel is a Chicago-based artist, who has known she wanted to pursue a career as an artist since the age of 5. Her biggest influence behind her art is 90's movies/cartoons, Art Deco, photography, and music. She has an educational background in art and design from Columbia College, and her experience in art ranges from doing album covers and children’s' book illustration, to animation and graphic design. She also has experience in fine art, and has sold a number of oil paintings at galleries in Chicago. Her goal is not only to have fun, but also to remind people of childhood memories and give provide her audience a feeling of nostalgia.


February Spotlight Artist



Elloo is a Chicago based artist who is known for her bright colored compositions. Her work is inspired by her love for sweets, subconscious memories and fairytales. Her bright colored characters are a blend of her imagination and dark dream-like scenes. Behind every piece she creates: Life is Sweet. Currently she resides in Pilsen and continues to paint from her imagination bringing her characters to real life. Her main focus is to create a body of work that is unique and that allows the viewer to dig into their subconscious and develop their own interpretations.

Liz Flores

March Spotlight Artist

Liz Flores


Liz Flores is a Chicago-based painter and muralist whose work experiments with how the human condition—with its interplay between emotion and memory—can be represented abstractly. She engages everyday human experience and the female body by using shape, color and the human form as a mode of visual storytelling.

"Painting has always been my way of self-understanding and for viewers, it’s my hope that my work can spark self-reflection in their own life."

Ali Six

April Spotlight Artist

Ali Six


My name is Nikko Locander, otherwise known as Ali Six. I am a multi-medium artist born and raised in Humboldt Park in Chicago. Since I was a child I ventured with my imagination to create cartoons, and in high school I started painting the streets of Chicago. After realizing there was more to art than just graffiti, I combined what I learned through spray paint and my love of cartoons to create Richie the Raccoon. I use Richie to liven up the streets of Chicago and around the world with murals. Throughout my journey I have taught myself how to design, spray paint, use acrylic paints, hand sculpt, wheat paste, and I have even made rugs, tattoos, and toys.


May Spotlight Artist

Afro Killa


Keith Smith, aka “Afrokilla” is a Chicago based Artist, who shares vibrant expression through the groove of the streets. His true colors have been seen through live painting events, public murals, and rebranding local businesses. His artwork aims to spread spiritual happiness. His passion is to inspire people while giving back to the culture around him.


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