Louis Capozzoli Nina Palomba Left Handed Wave Tubs Emmy Star Brown Sentrock

December 7, 2018: Louis DeGuzman


Hat 1: Louie Capozzoli

December 6, 2019 / Bulls vs. Warriors / Statement Edition Night

Louie Capozzoli is an illustrator and designer from Des Plaines, IL. He grew up watching the Bulls and collecting retro 90’s championship hats and shirts from discount stores. He moved to Chicago to attend DePaul University and has lived and worked here since. Almost all of his work is inspired by amateur, underground, or commercial art and ephemera like t-shirts, comics, matchbooks, skateboards, beer cans, graffiti, signs and flyers.

Hat 2: Nina Palomba

January 4, 2020 / Bulls vs. Celtics / Pride Night

Nina Palomba is an independent artist whose colorful paintings and whimsical illustrations help her stand out in today’s contemporary scene. Her unique blend of street and pop art has become affectionately known as “Nina’s World,” a place that inspires feelings of nostalgia, curiosity and love through color. In addition to Nina’s exciting paintings and murals, her creativity can be found across TV, film and commercials. She works as an art director and production designer for various global studios, consumer brands and media companies. She has already begun to make moves as young woman in the field. As an lgbtq+ advocate, Nina supports the community by painting uplifting murals, leading student workshops and partnering with non-profits on dedicated programs.

Hat 3: Left Handed Wave

February 6, 2020 / Bulls vs. Pelicans / Throwback Thursday: 1988 NBA All-Star

Left Handed Wave (LHW) is a Chicago-based street and visual artist. Highly acclaimed for iconic characters and tasteful pattern work, LHW’s street work has grown into a variety of different mediums inspired by time, place, and design. From retail collections to public and private commissions, LHW continues to evolve in Chicago while gaining national acclaim from frequent travels around the country.

Hat 4: Tubs

February 25, 2020 / Bulls vs. Thunder

Tubs is a Calligraffiti artist residing in Chicago who works in the mediums of aerosol acrylic and ink. His core love for letters as a graffiti artist and with over fifteen years of experience, has influenced his latest Calligraffiti pieces, which combines traditional form of calligraphy, graffiti-handstyling, and Latino culture bringing forth a never before seen art form in Chicago. With no formal training, Tubs comes from a family of artists. Although his father and mother are both painters, his mother first introduced him to calligraphy at a young age, which started his obsession with letter forms. Tubs can be found painting murals and exhibiting in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Mexico. He has collaborated with brands such as Adidas, Nickelodeon and NASCAR.

Hat 5: Emmy Star Brown

March 2, 2020 / Bulls vs. Mavericks / Women's History Month Game

Emmy Star Brown has long been fascinated with lines. Their simple yet versatile applications can channel everything from the organic beauty of the natural world to the most stylized and dynamic of typefaces. It’s that versatility that has allowed her to explore various mediums from large scale corporate branding to personalized scripts and lettering. With each piece, she seeks to highlight the elegant interplay between both shapes and negative space to story-tell. It’s that same layering of lines and carefully placed marks that provides ample room for visual interpretation. Inspired by Alexander Calder and Girard, both her mural and canvas work begins with a meditative and color-intuitive approach that focuses on creating connections and visual balance. The result is a deeply personal work crafted in collaboration with the client that is equal parts accessible, intentional, beautiful, and hopefully a catalyst for thoughtful dialogue.

Hat 6: Sentrock

March 28, 2020 / Bulls vs. Knicks / Los Bulls Night

Joseph “Sentrock” Perez is an artist originally from Phoenix, AZ. He moved to Chicago to pursue a change in scenery and obtain an Bachelors of Art & Design at Columbia College. Perez is known for using bright colors, intense lettering and characters that grab the attention of the viewer. A believer in the quote “Art cannot deny the environment that it is in”, Perez allows his surroundings of living in Chicago to influence his latest works.