April 23, 2019
Dime Alert! Wayne Selden dishes one to TLC for the easy three. April’s edition of Rush Medical’s Assist of the Month:
April 05, 2019
Dime alert! Watch Kris Dunn’s bounce pass to Ryan Arcidiacono for the easy layup. March’s edition of Rush Medical’s Assist of the Month:
March 04, 2019
This Zach LaVine to Lauri Markkanen chemistry. February's Rush Medical Assist of the Month:
February 09, 2019
Dime Alert! Watch this Shaquille Harrison to Zach LaVine transition bucket. January’s edition of Rush's Assist of the Month:
January 02, 2019
Dime alert! Watch Zach LaVine dish this sweet bounce pass to Wendell Carter Jr. for the dunk. ...
December 06, 2018
Dime alert! Watch Jabari Parker throw a quick pass to Justin Holiday for the alley-oop! November’s edition of Rush’s Assist of the Month:

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