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Bucks and Motorola

The Milwaukee Bucks and Motorola have formed a multi-year partnership that will bring the iconic Motorola “batwing” logo to the front left shoulder of all Bucks jerseys, beginning with the 2021 NBA Playoffs. In addition to being the Bucks’ new jersey patch partner, the Chicago-based telecommunications giant has joined the list of Bucks and Fiserv Forum Founding Partners and is now the team’s Official Mobile Smartphone Partner.

Milwaukee Bucks Association Edition Uniform Collage

Association Edition

The Association Edition uniform pays homage to one of the most exclusive clubs in basketball. Every year, approximately 400 players earn the right to put on the NBA uniform. The one thing that every team has in common is the white uniform that represents the association.

Milwaukee Bucks Icon Edition Uniform Collage

Icon Edition

The Icon Edition uniform represents each of the unique franchises. Each team has its own identity, one that separates it from the other 29 teams in the league. This edition pays tribute to the iconic nature of each franchise.

Milwaukee Bucks Statement Edition Uniform Collage

Statement Edition

The Statement Edition uniform represents the athlete and his desire to have a uniform that sets the tone for big games and rivalries. This edition allows the athlete to make a statement without saying a word.

Milwaukee Bucks Earned Edition Uniform Collage

Earned Edition

The Earned Edition uniform is exclusively available to the 16 NBA teams who earned a spot in the 2020 NBA Playoffs. The uniforms celebrate the franchises, with team names or logos prominently emblazoned on the front of the uniforms and featuring current team design elements, brought to life through enhanced franchise colors. The designs across each uniform amplify the iconic elements that are ingrained in the fabric of each organization.

Milwaukee Bucks City Edition Uniform Collage

City Edition

The City Edition uniform honors the fans in each NBA city. From the person who sits on the floor to the last person in the upper deck, the passion that comes from the fans of each city is unmatched. This edition honors that passion and brings the fan onto the court with their favorite team.


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