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What is Junior Bucks?

Junior Bucks is a platform designed to support and grow existing community basketball programs by providing additional benefits and incentives directly to players, coaches, and families. To be eligible, programs must have 50 of more registrants.

What Will My Program Receive?

  • A dedicated “League Night” at a Milwaukee Bucks home game
    • Head coaches will receive a complimentary pair of tickets to this game.
  • A pair of tickets to 5 select Bucks games during the 2018-19 season
    • We recommend using these tickets to reward key volunteers, coaches, referees, etc.
    • You may also raffle tickets off to help raise funds for your program.
  • Ability to use the Junior Bucks logo on promotional materials, website, clothing, etc.
    • Use the Bucks brand to help increase awareness for your own program!
  • Invitations to Junior Bucks events throughout the year

What Will My Players Receive?

  • A Junior Bucks winter hat
  • A ticket to your “League Night” at a Milwaukee Bucks home game
    • The ability to purchase discounted tickets for parents, family, and friends.
  • A Skills Clinic for the entire program conducted by the Milwaukee Bucks Summer Camp staff
    • Clinic to be based upon a mutually agreed upon date.

How Do I Join the Jr Bucks Program?

We know and appreciate that each basketball program is different. With that in mind, we would like to set up a meeting with your program’s decision maker(s) to develop a customized Junior Bucks experience for you.

Please call Jamie DeMatthew at 414-227-0584 or send him an email at to further discuss opportunities available.

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