Flex Plan

You can own the future on your schedule with a 12-game flex plan - guaranteeing you seats to the match ups you want to see the most, while also saving money off single game prices.

Flex Plan Details

Create a custom flex plan by choosing your preferred games, seats and pricing. Weekends only? All the hottest matchups? No problem. That’s the beauty of the Flex Plan, you pick the matchups that work for you!

Select 12 or more games, including a visit from the LA Lakers and/or Golden State Warriors. What are you waiting for? Start picking your games today!

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Seating Map

Seating Map


Section Per Game/Seat
Courtside Row AAA Sold Out
Courtside Row BBB Sold Out
Courtside Row CCC-DDD Sold Out
Lower-Side Court Sold Out
Mid-Side Court & Lower-Baseline I $130-$502
Upper-Side Court* $86-$350
Mid-Corner & Lower-Baseline II* $75-$235
Mid-Baseline & Upper-Corner $67-$194
Upper-Baseline $49-$144
Prime Gallery Side Court Sold Out
Gallery Side Court & Gallery Baseline Row 1 Sold Out
Gallery Upper Side Court & Upper-Corner/Baseline* $15-$59

*Extremely limited seating available

Find Your Fit

Find the right seats and plan for your budget, games and benefits. Our friendly staff is here to answer all of your questions.

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