Bucks Unveil New Visual Identity

The Milwaukee Bucks unveiled a new visual identity for the franchise tonight at a special event at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Members of the current Bucks roster and franchise greats were on display as fans joined together at the largest Bucks viewing party to date to watch the team battle the Sixers; but the attention turned to the future during a special halftime ceremony in which the new identity was revealed. Bucks legend Oscar Robertson and rookie Jabari Parker were on hand to help bridge the gap from the team's championship history to its future through a presentation that included world-renowned speed painters creating the team's new marks as live art for fans to experience. Video of tonight's brand unveiling is available here: www.bucks.com/seethefuture-live.

"The Milwaukee Bucks are committed to honoring our history while ushering the franchise into a bright future. We're establishing a new global identity that reflects the growth, energy and innovation in Milwaukee and throughout the state of Wisconsin," Bucks Vice President of Strategy and Operations Alex Lasry said. "This is an exciting time for the city and our team, and these new logos embody the passion and intensity that will define us in this new era of Bucks basketball."

The new Bucks identity is built around a new color palette and three unique logos that capture the rich heritage of the franchise and region while ushering in an exciting new era. The color palette is comprised of:

Good Land Green The traditional color of the Milwaukee Bucks with a timeless twist. Emblematic of the deep woods and diverse landscapes of Wisconsin, the green is a hallmark of our brand throughout our 47 years of existence.

Cream City Cream Just as Cream City brick is the foundation upon which Milwaukee was built, Cream City Cream is the foundational color of the Milwaukee Bucks brand identity. This color is unique to the Bucks, as we're the only NBA team to feature a cream hue.

Great Lakes Bluestrong> Blue underlines the importance of the Great Lakes and multiple rivers in the history and future of our city and state. In fact, some think the word Milwaukee was derived from the Algonquian term "Millioki," which meant "gathering place by the waters."

Black and white are also included in the Bucks new official color palette.

The new primary logo features an updated buck that evokes qualities of fierceness and forward-looking focus. While simplified from the previous design, the new buck features a number of design subtleties that communicate the story of the franchise's new identity. The buck's chest comprises an "M" to serve as reminder of the city we call home, while the rack has expanded from eight points in the previous logo to 12 here – symbolic of the young bucks' maturation into an even greater force to contend with. The logo also includes a subtle basketball feature created by the negative space in the antlers which serves as a linchpin for the entire brand identity.

Serving as a badge of honor, the new secondary logo serves as a reminder of the rich history of Bucks basketball in Milwaukee – a history that spans 47 seasons in a single market, making the Bucks one of the longest-tenured franchises in its original city in the NBA. The secondary logo also features a more pronounced basketball in the antlers, while a stylized version of the "M" from the buck's chest in the primary logo is now called out to bring additional focus to the team's home city.

A new tertiary logo serves as a visual link between the team, the city of Milwaukee, and the state of Wisconsin. The basketball and antler element once again appears, representing a geographical anchor over the city of Milwaukee as a symbolic expression of the team as a statewide unifying force.

For more information on the new Bucks logos, visit www.bucks.com/ownthefuture.

The new Bucks identity was created over the past nine months as part of a collaborative effort between Milwaukee Bucks ownership, team executives, the NBA, and Brooklyn-based design firm Doubleday and Cartwright, whose team included Milwaukee-native Justin Thomas Kay, the agency's managing creative director.

The new logos will be fully transitioned after the conclusion of the Milwaukee Bucks 2014-15 season. Tonight's unveiling of the new team logos mark the beginning of a busy summer as the Bucks brand continues to evolve. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding the unveiling of new team uniforms and additional events throughout the state in the coming months.