Milwaukee Bucks Unveil New "Gathering Place" Uniforms for 2022-23 Season

Inspired by the team’s role in bringing communities together and the Patchwork Mural in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks have unveiled their “Gathering Place” edition uniforms, their fifth and final uniform set to be worn in 2022-23.  The uniforms are a part of the NIKE City Edition collection and will be worn exclusively during the 2022-23 season. Images and video of the uniform can be seen and downloaded here

The new uniforms are the second edition of the “Gathering Place” series intended to highlight the impact of sports in bringing people together and the importance to the Bucks of using their platform in the city to showcase the interconnection between the communities that make Milwaukee special.

For this edition, the Bucks looked to their neighbors to the north in Bronzeville, a community that has been physically reconnected to downtown Milwaukee through the Deer District neighborhood. Inspired by the Patchwork Mural by Ammar Nsoroma on North Avenue in Bronzeville, the uniform utilizes the patchwork pattern as a symbol of unity and the Bucks’ role weaving together Milwaukee’s unique communities.

“We are proud of the diverse community that calls themselves Bucks fans, and continue to take our role in helping to find ways to bring the city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin together through our actions on and off the court,” said Dustin Godsey, Bucks Chief Marketing Officer. “This uniform illustrates the patchwork nature of our intertwined community of fans and we are appreciative of the artistic vision and partnership of Ammar Nsoroma to help bring these uniforms to life.”

The patchwork pattern used along the side of the uniforms features two shades of blue featured on the previous “Gathering Place” edition, as well as multiple shades of green in homage to the iconic Bucks “Irish Rainbow” uniforms of the ‘70s and ‘80s, as well as cream and black. The pattern is cropped and repeated to show a subtle repeating M pattern representing Milwaukee.

The “Gathering Place” edition uniform brings back the Great Lakes Blue color which was featured on the 2020-21 “Gathering Place” uniforms. Great Lakes Blue was added to the Bucks color palette in 2015 to symbolize the interconnectivity of the city formed by Lake Michigan and the three rivers that run through Milwaukee.

The phrase “Gathering Place” on the bottom of the jersey is a nod to the origins of the city as well as a representation of the Bucks as a uniting force in the community. 

A star, based on the designs on the Patchwork Mural, is on the buckle of the shorts as a reminder of the inspiration for the uniform. As part of the uniform launch, the Bucks have worked with Nsoroma and Historic King District BID #8 to restore the Patchwork Mural to its original condition.

The Bucks will wear the City Edition uniform for the first time on Wednesday, Nov. 16 when they host the Cleveland Cavaliers. The uniform will also be worn at every Wednesday home game throughout the 2022-23 season and will be complimented with a Gathering Place alternate court. 

The City Edition retail collection will be available online at shop.bucks.com beginning at 9 a.m. CT on Nov. 10 and in store at the Bucks Pro Shop during its normal operating hours. Swingman jerseys will be available in store and online, while Authentic jerseys will be available online only.

For more information on the Bucks City Edition uniform, visit www.bucks.com/city.