Lottery Luck Revisited

The Milwaukee Bucks finished the 2004-05 season with a 30-52 record and found themselves slated 6th heading into the NBA Draft Lottery. The Bucks were given a 6.3-percent chance of winning the number one pick. Or, better yet, they had a 93.7-percent chance of landing a pick other than number one.

It was clear that the Bucks would need some luck if they were going to land the right to pick first. That’s where comes in.

In the weeks leading up to the draft lottery, ran a contest asking all fans to submit a few sentences on what their lucky charm is and why. The goal was to find a charm suitable for General Manager Larry Harris to take with him to New Jersey for the actual lottery.

After sorting through countless entries, three winners were announced the week before the draft.

Charms of 2005.

Michael Millies and “Little Cleo” the fishing Lure
Michael’s charm was a fishing lure that he got from his grandpa called “Little Cleo”. He claimed that it always helps him catch big fish when he uses it while fishing. But when he uses other lures, he’s not as lucky.

Emily Dunne and her lucky bracelet
Emily’s charm was a purple and white bracelet (Bucks colors at the time) that she got when she was in Cancun, Mexico. She always considered it lucky and kept it with her at all times. One day, when she was at a movie theater, she unknowingly dropped it and a random stranger came up to her and gave it back. Well, she ended up dating that “stranger” and they were together for one year at the time of the 2005 Draft.

Philip Luct and “Goro” the pug
Phil told that he always rubbed Goro’s head for good luck and that he would be happy to give it a try for the Bucks. It worked!

Larry Harris was happy to add the lure and bracelet to his travel bag (for obvious reasons, Goro had to stay in Wisconsin). And on the night of the draft lottery, Larry had both charms in his suit pocket (along with another lucky charm of his own – a wooden rooster). By now you know how the story ends. When the 6th spot came up in the lottery, Milwaukee’s name was not called. That meant the Bucks were guaranteed one of the top three spots.

The third spot came up.


The second spot came up.


And with the unveiling of the Hawks as owners of the 2nd pick in the 2005 NBA Draft, Larry Harris and Bucks fans everywhere knew that the Milwaukee franchise had “reeled in” the top pick in the NBA Draft for the 4th time in team history.

“Little Cleo” had landed its biggest catch ever. Emily’s bracelet forged another relationship – this time between the Bucks and (eventually) Andrew Bogut. Goro’s head came through in the clutch.

The Bucks became the Lucky Bucks.

But can it happen again? With a record of 28-54 last year, the Bucks are slated to land the 3rd pick in this year’s draft. The odds of them winning the top pick are slightly better than in 2005 (15.6%). That still leaves them with an 84.4% probability of landing a pick other than number one. They’ll need more luck!

Stay tuned for this year's Lucky Charm Sweepstakes for your chance to win great prizes and help the Bucks move up in the 2007 NBA Draft!

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