June 30, 2005: Andrew Bogut Chat Transcript

Bogut chatted on June 30.
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The Milwaukee Bucks made Utah's Andrew Bogut the first overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft on Tuesday. The Consensus National Player of the Year and multiple award winner (Wooden, Naismith, Associated Press, etc) answered fan questions in a live chat on June 30. See the complete chat transcript below.

Sydney : Hey Andrew,

Congratulations on the 1st pick with the Bucks. We're all waiting down here in Australia to see your first NBA Game. How did you feel when you name was called?

Andrew Bogut: Unbelievable. It's something I worked hard for all my life, and then it finally became a reality, which was terrific.

Mohamamad (Toronto): Congrats on being the num 1 pick. Have you been to Milwaukee yet? How is the city treating you?

Andrew Bogut: It's been great. I went out to eat yesterday and when I walked in the people there started applauding. It's a real treat and I look forward to doing my job on the court to return the great feelings I've been getting from the fans here.

Blake,Columbus: What did you learn most about basketball on Utah??

Andrew Bogut: Just confidence, I think. It also helped me get accustomed to the American lifestyle.

Jason - Green Bay: Andrew - You appear to be mature beyond your 20 years. Do your attribute that to your international experience? What do feel is your biggest assest that bring to the Bucks?

Andrew Bogut: Definitely. I hope to bring a good work ethic and help us win some basketball games.

ewing: have you met any of your teammates?

Andrew Bogut: No, I haven't yet. I think I will in the next week or two. Most of the guys are still trickling in from their hometowns or vacations and such, but I really look forward to seeing them and getting to know them.

Paul from Oconomowoc: At this point in time the Bucks do not have a head coach, and therefore they do not have a system in place. What type of system do you think would be best for yourself and what this team already has in place? run n gun, half court set, etc.

Andrew Bogut: I think both... a bit of both. I can get up and down the floor and run and gun. But then I can work in the halfcourt sets too. I've played all around the world, and I think I can fit into most any system.

Mark (Sydney): Andrew, congrats mate.
How do you think being drafted #1 will affect Australian ball? Will you come back to promote bball in Aus?

Hopefully we get nba back on free-to-air out here so we can see you play!
All the best next season (..and with the Milwaukee Winter...)

Andrew Bogut: I hope to get back and play for Australia every two years for the major tournaments. It can only help with kids seeing someone successful in the NBA and I'm happy to be a part of that.

Nicholas Manawa,WI: Hey Andrew just wanted to say congratulations. And I was wondering if you ever talked with Alex Smith about being drafted or about anything while you were both at Utah.

Andrew Bogut: No, we didn't really hang out in the same group. We know eachother from being at the same school, but otherwise we didn't really discuss that kind of thing.

Mark (Detroit): Hey big fan of yours. I am wondering are you nervous to guard Shaq since he is so big and so dominant?

Andrew Bogut: I definitely am. It will be challenge, but once the games start I expect I'll be OK. At first, just getting out there playing against any NBA players will be an adjustment and then we'll also have to deal with the great players out there.

Byron (Sydney, Australia): Congatulations, Bogut on getting picked #1. Well Done, you have done Australia Proud, good luck in your first season. Bball has got so much exposure in the media due to your drafting. Has there been a decision which jersey number you will be wearing for the Bucks and why?

Andrew Bogut: I think No. 6. It's the first number I wore as a kid growing up, so I hope to go with that one here in the NBA.

Roneel Melbourne: Congrats on being the number 1 selection. Now that you are a buck I like the other 15 million aussies will be adopting the bucks as our team.

What are your thoughts on the state of the game's popularity back in Australia? What do you think need' s to be down to raise the profile of the sport.?

Andrew Bogut: I think it's a bit shaky the past few years, with things like TV rights and public television not going well. Hopefully with my getting into the NBA we can turn that around.

Sydney: Hey Andrew. Did you have a fave team back home in aust.? who was your fave australian basketball player?
who's your fave player in the league today

Andrew Bogut: Probably my favorite team is the Kings. I grew up watching guys like Shane, Andrew and Luc. Those three.

Matt (St. Francis, WI): I saw on the Draft that your favorite food is soup? Is it really and if so what kind?

Andrew Bogut: Yeah, it's true. It's a Croatian soup, made from semilina and I've been eating it since I was a kid.

Jordan (Abbotsford, WI): Hey Andrew great to see that your coming to the Badger State. We are so glad to have you here! I have 2 questions and there are, What part of your game is going to give you an edge on other NBA centers? Which part do you think you needs refining? Have a great Rookie year Andrew and I wish you the Best of Luck for the Future as well.

Andrew Bogut: I think almost all of my game needs improving. I need to work on everything. I think as a strength, my unselfishness may be an asset for me and my teammates in winning games.

Andrew Bogut: Thanks to everyone for logging on and shooting me a night. I really appreciate it and wish you all the best and hope you will come out and watch the Bucks next season.

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