Avocados From Mexico Becomes the Official Avocado of the Milwaukee Bucks

Avocados From Mexico has become the official avocado of the Milwaukee Bucks. For the remainder of this season, Avocados From Mexico products will be included as part of avocado-centric menu items during Bucks games at Fiserv Forum, such as a guacamole trio offered at El Rey’s two venue locations.

“Avocados From Mexico is a popular international brand that will gain prominent attention at Fiserv Forum,” said Matt Pazaras, Milwaukee Bucks Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy. “We look forward to growing this partnership in the years to come to continue creating premium food experiences in Fiserv Forum.”

"We’re excited about this new partnership, which allows us to increase our exposure to sports fans across the country with delicious fresh avocados,” said Avocados From Mexico president and CEO Alvaro Luque. “Avocados are healthy and taste incredible on a variety of concession menu items, Milwaukee Bucks fans and all the patrons visiting Fiserv Forum this season are in for a special treat.”

Growing in a much different climate than Milwaukee, Avocados From Mexico are imported directly from Michoacán, Mexico. This area of Mexico provides the ideal weather to grow avocados due to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil and timely rainfall, which allows the fruit to have a natural supply of water in 75 percent of the avocado orchards. This ensures sports fans have fresh Avocados From Mexico, which are always in season, to eat delicious guacamole on those winter Milwaukee nights. 

About Avocados From Mexico

Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association (MHAIA), formed for the purpose of advertising, promotion, public relations and research for all stakeholders of Avocados From Mexico in the United States. Under agreements, MHAIA and the Mexican Avocado Producers & Packers (APEAM A.C.) have combined resources to fund and manage AFM, with the intent to provide a focused, highly effective and efficient marketing program in the United States. AFM is headquartered in Irving, TX.


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