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The entries have been submitted, read and reviewed. After careful consideration, has announced three winners in the 2005 Bucks Lucky Charms Contest! Our grand prize winner was Michael Millies from Milwaukee, WI, and his lucky lure, "Little Cleo". Emily Dunne and her purple and white bracelet (that helped her find her boyfriend!) received runner-up honors. And Philip Lucht and his pug, Goro, received an honorable mention. As you can see from the pictures below, Michael and Emily met with Bucks General Manager Larry Harris on Monday, May 23, and handed over their lucky charms in order to give the Bucks a little extra luck for the NBA Draft Lottery.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Going for the "Big Catch"

NAME: Michael Millies
AGE: 16
HOMETOWN: Milwaukee, WI
LUCKY CHARM: Fishing lure
WHY: My lucky charm is a fishing lure that i got from my grandpa called "Little Cleo" and it catches big big fish whenever I use it fishing. I've had it for nine years and haven't lost it yet - and i still catch big fish. When I use other lures, the fish that I catch are no where near as big as the ones I catch with Cleo.
PRIZE: Four tickets to the 2005-06 Milwaukee Bucks home opener


NAME: Emily Dunne
AGE: 20
HOMETOWN: Hartland, WI
WHY: My lucky charm is a purple and white bracelet that I got when I was in Cancun, Mexico about five years ago. I did not realize it was Bucks colors at the time, because I started to get into them after my brother exposed me to how much fun games are to go to. Whenever I go on vacation, I take this with me so nothing bad happens, and whenever I watch or go to a Bucks game with my brother, I wear it. So, one day I dropped it walking at a movie theatre and some random guy ran up to me and gave it back. To make a long story short, we started dating about one year ago (after I met him). My bracelet brought me my boyfriend and hopefully it can help Milwaukee get the #1 pick in the draft. Go Bucks!
PRIZE: Two tickets to the 2005-06 Milwaukee Bucks home opener


NAME: Philip Lucht
AGE: 46
LUCKY CHARM: Our pug, Goro
WHY: I rub our pug Goro's head for good luck. I'll give it a try for the team. Go Bucks.
PRIZE: Two tickets to the 2005-06 Milwaukee Bucks home opener


NAME: Jeff Butterfield
AGE: 44
WHY: My lucky charm is my son, Tommy. He's a 14-year-old special-needs teen who is crazy about the Bucks. When we go to the games, he always has his jersey and cap and often times has his face painted green and purple. Although i cannot hand my lucky charm over, a high-five or a rub of Tommy's head will help bring that top pick to Milwaukee.

NAME: Michael Millies
AGE: 16
HOMETOWN: Milwaukee, WI
LUCKY CHARM: Fishing lure
WHY: My lucky charm is a fishing lure that i got from my grandpa called "Little Cleo" and it catches big big fish whenever I use it fishing. I've had it for nine years and haven't lost it yet - and i still catch big fish. When I use other lures, the fish that I catch are no where near as big as the ones I catch with Cleo.

NAME: Michelle Arneson
AGE: 20
HOMETOWN: Brookfield, WI
WHY: My lucky charm is my dad. He is always there when I need him. He told me the night before one of our biggest games of our basketball season that if I scored 8 or more points in that game then I would get to go to another Bucks game. So then I went and I scored 8 points in that game (I really wanted to go to a game!) and then after the game another girl's mom from my team asked me if I wanted Bucks tickets to go to a game that night! Of course I said yes and i brought along 2 girls from my team! Also my family is big on racing and my favorite driver is Dale Jr. so a radio station was giving away passes to meet him at the Outback Steakhouse down in Illinois and I told my dad on the last day of the contest that he better win that for me. So that day I come home from school and he tells me that he won and i get to meet Dale Jr.! This is why my dad is my lucky charm. PS. I hope if I win I really dont have to hand over my dad!

NAME: Ryan Hurst
AGE: 16
HOMETOWN: Mayville, WI
LUCKY CHARM: Bucks ball
WHY: My lucky charm is a small purple Bucks ball that Bango threw to me at a pregame pep rally before a Bucks playoff game two years ago. Every time I have it by my side and watch a Bucks game, it seems like they win. I''ve been a Bucks fan all my life and I really would love to see them win a championship. Maybe the #1 pick is what we need to get us there. GO BUCKS GO!

NAME: David Bendewald
AGE: 14
HOMETOWN: St. Joseph, WI
LUCKY CHARM: Bucks posters
WHY: My lucky charms are my Michael Redd and Ray Allen posters hanging in my room on the wall. Before I attend a game, I kiss both of them three times. They have won the game I attended 4 out of 5 times. I forgot to do it this year as they lost to the Pistons at The Palace of Aburn Hills on April 15, 2005. Sorry Bucks Fans! I''ll remember next time I go!

NAME: Jeff Schommer
AGE: 28
WHY: When I sit down and watch a Bucks game or any other sporting event, I have the Bango Doll in the same room either on the counter or on top of the TV. In most cases (but not all) the team that I am siding with wins when Bango is at my side.

NAME: Robert Arndt
AGE: 15
HOMETOWN: Marshfield, WI
LUCKY CHARM: Green and Purple leaf
WHY: My lucky charm is a Green and Purple leaf that I got off of a Hosta flower. I preserved the leaf in a air tight sealed bag. It seems as though every time I hang on to it the Bucks win. I love the Bucks!

NAME: Mike Bursik
AGE: 13
LUCKY CHARM: Desmond Mason picture
WHY: My lucky charm is my Desmond Mason autograph picture. The night he gave it to me, he scored 28 points in the first half alone!

NAME: Dennis Kopatich
AGE: 43
HOMETOWN: Oconomowoc, WI
WHY: My good luck comes from my lucky boxers. When I wore these boxers, I won every basketball game I played. They are red, blue, and green. These lucky boxers would give the Milwaukee Bucks the number one draft pick!

NAME: Kyle Swinsky
AGE: 15
LUCKY CHARM: Mickey Mouse watch
WHY: My lucky charm is my Mickey Mouse watch. This watch was given to me as a child. I started wearing it to many events and it gave me a sense of luckiness for whatever I was doing. I believe that it brings the magic of Disney to anything I do.

NAME: David Wilson
AGE: 18
HOMETOWN: Redgranite, WI
WHY: I have a lucky armband that's red, white and black. I never lost a basketball game while wearing it, and I sometimes wear it while watching Bucks games. They don't seem to lose either when I wear it. I'm not makeing this up! Hopefully my luck can bring the Bucks a number one pick in the draft.

NAME: Benjamin Fischer
AGE: 19
LUCKY CHARM: Wristband
WHY: My favorite lucky charm is a wristband that I used to wear for weightlifting and playing basketball. The number "54" was stitched on it to bring me good luck whenever I played a game or lifted a high amount of weight. A classic example of how the wristband gave me luck was when I was able to do a paralell squat of 415 pounds. Another example of how the band helped me was when I was trying to crack the starting lineup of my freshman basketball team. When I decided to wear the arm band to practice one time, a fellow player who was starting twisted an ankle and I got to start the next game. Could be coincidence, but I think not. Whenever I didn''t wear the band, however, my luck changed. When I was fooling around the weightroom one day, I threw my arm band up into the air vent and lost it for three months because I couldn't find the time, or the help to get it out. During that time, I never once squated over 300 pounds. When I eventually got it back, the next time I lifted, I squatted over 315. It has this power that is unique.

NAME: Pat Dunne
AGE: 18
HOMETOWN: Hartland, WI
LUCKY CHARM: Ceramic turtle
WHY: My lucky charm is a ceramic turtle that I got when I was in Costa Rica. I have had this turtle for about four years, and it is the one item that I have never lost. Two years ago, I started taking it everywhere I went. Whenever I would play poker, it would sit on my cards. The first time I went to play Bingo at Potawatomi, I won. And I always take it to every Bucks game since I'm a season ticket holder. There is no doubt in my mind that this is my lucky charm. It has done well for me and hopefully it will help the Bucks!

NAME: Stacey Straukas
AGE: 29
HOMETOWN: Bartlett, IL
WHY: I play hoops several times a week. For my league games, I wear the same T-Shirt under my jersey. This shirt has the sleeves cut off, and has been through hundreds of games. I have to hand wash it now, since it''s hanging on by a thread. It has several holes in it, but I''ve won many league championships with it. During a game, someone once grabbed it just under the sleeve and ripped half way down. I''m telling you, if you are in the presence of this lucky charm, the Bucks will get one of the top 3 picks for sure.

NAME: Patrick Page
AGE: 17
HOMETOWN: Lake Villa, IL
LUCKY CHARM: Chicago White Sox hat
WHY: I have always been a Bucks fan. This year, we deserve the number one pick in the draft. And I have one charm that has done good this year. I have a Chicago White Sox hat that I started to wear when the White Sox were picking up their free agents last off-season. This year, the White Sox have done the impossible and started with a record of 26-9. I have been wearing my hat every day this season. I believe this hat has been good luck so far and it will always be a lucky hat. I think it can help us get the overall top pick in the NBA Draft.

NAME: Tilmeka Robbins
AGE: 23
LUCKY CHARM: Braided keychain
WHY: My lucky item is a braided keychain that I made back in 1996, the same year I became a Bucks fan. I made it from purple and green shoestrings. Last year, I actually noticed that they're the same colors as the Bucks uniforms. I carry the keychain everywhere I go, knowing that I made it myself. I'm lucky that I haven't lost it yet.

NAME: Patrick Brown
AGE: 14
HOMETOWN: Liberty Center, MI
WHY: My lucky charm is a Bucks Bango doll. It's lucky because every game that I would see, they would win and Michael Redd would have an outstanding game. Not to say that he's the only good one on the team, though. This little doll is good luck to me and to the Bucks team.

NAME: Linda Mader
AGE: 35
HOMETOWN: New London, WI
LUCKY CHARM: Coin purse
WHY: A little, leather coin purse that my late mother-in-law gave me from Mexico is my good luck charm. Inside it, I have a rabbit's foot that my Mom had for many years and gave it to me when she retired. The purse also contains a mini rosary that belonged to my mother-in-law.

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