Looking Back At NBADraft.net Player Comparisons For Every Bucks Player

by Alex Boeder
Bucks.com Writer

To their credit, NBADraft.net still has the glorious DeShawn Stevenson prospect profile page up. In it, back in 2000, they listed Stevenson’s NBA player comparison as “Michael Jordan”. It is a wonderful thing to have happened in the world.

Stevenson officially retired this past season – three years after he last played in the NBA. He won a title in 2010 as an eighth man with the Mavericks against the Heat in LeBron’s first year in Miami. He played 824 games and for six teams and earned more than $27,000,000.

Nevertheless, his top similarity score matches on basketball-reference are Winston Garland and Evan Turner. Even after watching a player for more than a decade in the league, it is hard to make player comparisons. So to try to do it before the draft is impossible. But fun! And even more fun to look back on and chuckle.

Thus, here are the NBADraft.net player comparison for everyone who played for the Bucks this past season (except Miles Plumlee, Jason Terry and Axel Toupane, who did not have comparisons), along with a comment. Overall, mostly not so bad. Almost disappointingly-not-so-bad.

Giannis Antetokounmpo    
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Nicolas Batum
Part that we can get worked up about now, even though most of the strengths and weaknesses sound about right: “Despite his athletic abilities he lacks elite explosiveness…”

Jabari Parker
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Carmelo Anthony
Indeed, indeed: “Had some impressive dunks in his freshman season at Duke, which proved that he does possess the hops and explosiveness that he often does not get credit for…”

Khris Middleton       
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Gordon Hayward
This is accurate: “Very unselfish and won’t go outside of the offense to get his own shots or production very often, which will benefit his eventual transition to the pros…”

Tony Snell
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Wesley Person
Few shots in the league look better when they leave the hand (right, Eric Nehm?): “Snell possesses a picturesque shooting stroke and an easygoing on-court style…”

Malcolm Brogdon    
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Keith Bogans/Jayson Granger
It is true that he didn’t get to the free throw line over the final 27 days of the season, but it is also true that he did this to LeBron and this to Noel, etc.: “Not an overly explosive player (lacks explosion at the rim)...”

Matthew Dellavedova
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Blake Stepp
Blake Stepp did not play in the NBA (and became a professional poker player), so this is a tough NBA player comparison for anyone: “NBA Comparison: Blake Stepp”

Greg Monroe
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Lamar Odom (less athletic)
Still on display: “Very quick hands (1.7 steals per game)…”

John Henson
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Brandan Wright/Samuel Dalembert
Yes: “Most outstanding trait as a player is his shot-blocking ability…”

Michael Beasley       

NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Carmelo Anthony
People wonder why Hasheem Thabeet was a #2 pick, people don’t wonder why Michael Beasley was a #2 pick: “Most dangerous out of the mid-post where he can square his man up, and attack with a variety of moves; including strong takes to the hoop, a nice midrange pull-up, or simply shooting over the top of helpless defenders…”

Gary Payton II
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Markel Brown/Allen Ray
Still refining: “While rotation and release is clean on his shot his release speed and arc could use some refining…”

Mirza Teletovic
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Linus Kleiza
Also, Mirza shoots the ball from wherever he catches it: “Possesses legit NBA three point range on his jumper which is unique for a player his size and position…”

Rashad Vaughn
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Jordan Adams
Haven’t seen a lot of these yet: “Solid speed, can also drive to the rack with runners and floaters…”

Thon Maker  
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Chris McCullough
Not even Todd MacCulloch? “NBA comparison: Chris McCullough”

Spencer Hawes        
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Brad Miller
The YouTube video (not sure why Spencer Hawes gets a YouTube video) linked there is called “The Young Stars of Husky Basketball” and features Hawes and former-Buck Jon Brockman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ovOuaobZUQ

Steve Novak 
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Matt Bullard
Hmm, received a 0 in the chart for passing: “Passing skills and vision are decent…”

Terrence Jones
NBADraft.net NBA player comparison: Marvin Williams
Played six minutes for the Bucks, and after a promising few years with Rockets, seems like Jones just hasn’t quite found his niche: “Many don’t know if he is a classic tweener and how he can fit in certain teams style…”

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