Harley-Davidson Virtual Clutch Crew

Bucks Basketball is officially BACK and we need your help bringing the home court advantage to the Bubble. This is your chance to cheer on the team and maybe even have your video featured on the big screen in Orlando! Send in your best player reactions videos and become part of the Harley-Davidson Virtual Clutch Crew:

  1. Put on your favorite Bucks gear

  2. Find a wall with a plain background

  3. Make sure the wall is well lit with light coming towards you

  4. Find a family member or friend who can record you from 6 ft away

  5. Record your best player celebrations (record one, two or all of them):

    • Mean Mug

    • Money Reaction

    • Flex On ‘Em

    • Shoot The Bow & Arrow

    • Brook’s Let It Fly

    • RoLo’s Tea Party

    • Raise The Roof

    • Three Point Goggles

    • Sterling Salute

    • Free Throw Distraction

    • Freeze Frame Distraction

  6. Download the GreenFly App and upload the videos using the code: BucksCrew

  7. Submit your videos by August 7th

Terms and Conditions

Level 1

Mean Mug

We all know this one. Give us your best Giannis MEAN MUG

Level 2

Money Reaction

It’s easy to say that Khris Middleton is straight cash from behind the arc. Show us how you’d react to a 3 pointer from Money Money Money Middleton

Level 3

Bledsoe Flex

Let’s see those muscles! Give us your best flex just like the Bledshow

Level 4

Shoot the Bow and Arrow

Pull it back and let it fly, Milwaukee. Record yourself doing your best Wesley Matthews Bow and Arrow celebration

Level 5

Brook’s Let It Fly

Another three from SPLASH MOUNTAIN! Show us your best Brook Lopez 3 point celebration

Level 6

RoLo Tea Party

Can’t have one without the other, now its time to give us your best Robin Lopez Tea Party celebration. Sip that tea!

Level 7

Raise the Roof

Put your hands up Milwaukee and raise the roof!

Level 8

Three Point Goggles

All Marvin Williams sees is threes. Put up your best 3-point goggles!

Level 9

Sterling Salute

Credit is given where credit is due. Stand up and show us a Sterling Brown 3-point salute.

Level 10

Free Throw Distraction

Wave your arms, scream as loud as you can, whatever you can do to distract our opponents as they are shooting free throws. Don’t let them off easy!

Level 11

Freeze Frame Distraction

FREEEEEZE! Everybody pause and give us a face that you just can’t look away from

Download the GreenFly App and upload the videos using the code: BucksCrew

Submit your videos by August 7th.

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