Don't miss your pup’s chance to compete for the biggest treat this Halloween in the Milwaukee Bucks Halloweenies halftime race on October 29, 2022 during the Milwaukee Bucks home game.

The Race

A minimum of 10 dogs will be chosen for the first ever Milwaukee Bucks Halloweenie Halftime competition.

The Prizes

All selected participants will receive two tickets to the Milwaukee Bucks game on Saturday, October 29th. Additionally, the winner of the race will receive the coveted golden bone and the name of first ever champion of the Halloweenie Race.

The Rules

Deadline for entry is Thursday, October 13th at 5PM. Read the Official Rules thoroughly prior to filling out the entry form below. Also, note that Dachshunds must be pure bred but AKC registration is not required. All participants must be able to provide a copy of vaccination prior to participation in the race.

Ready? Enter Now.