Making It Official

May 5, 2011 interview with Bob Wanek, Official Scorer 1968 - Current.

Bob Wanek
Bob Wanek has been the Bucks Official Scorer since 1968.
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  • When you think back to the 1971 Playoffs, what do you remember most?

    “That Oscar was so strong throughout that entire run. It was disappointing that they finished it over in Baltimore and not here. The championship was won there and it kind of took away from all of the celebration. Although when they came back it was quite interesting and very enlightening. I know I enjoyed it.”

    What was the atmosphere like at home games?

    “It was unbelievable. Playing at the Arena, the place was just rocking. It’s always been my opinion that it was louder in the Arena than it ever has been at the Bradley Center, although last year during the playoffs it was pretty close to that. It was unbelievable. It was the same in Madison. The fans are great there. We had a great time. You always had the feeling that the Bucks were going to win, no matter what and that was a positive feeling.”

    Do you have a favorite part about the 1970-71 season?

    “Back in those days, and it’s hard to explain, we were all kind of a family. Players would come to my house; sit down, talk, we’d go out, walk around and waste time together. In fact, some of them had part-time jobs in those days. Lenny Chappell came over – he was an insurance agent – he’d sit down and watch TV or we’d go out walking to a shopping center and just take up time. You felt like you were a member of the family.”

    Besides some of the more obvious factors, what made that team so special?

    “One of the fellows that I was fairly close to was Dick Cunningham, known as ‘the Enforcer.’ He lived nearby. His filling in for Kareem at times was a big help through the series. And Larry Costello was an unbelievable coach. He was almost like a member of the team although he wasn’t on the court.”

    What does it mean to you to have been a part of the 1970-71 NBA Championship?

    “It’s a warm feeling when you think about the whole thing. In those days instead of the computer doing all the stats, we had to manually do them so that always took up a lot of time after the game, but it was fun. I think Jon McGlocklin and I are probably the two oldest people still around and I think he’d probably agree that it was a great time for all of us.”


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