NBA Australia: ​Dellavedova confident as Bucks get the job done on the road

It’s the business end of the season now and we’ve only got 13 games to go, so we’ve got a sprint to the finish line to make the playoffs.

We feel confident in what we can do. We know Miami’s definitely playing some good ball and Detroit’s been dangerous, but we want to keep moving up and we’ve been playing well so we just want to keep it going and lock up that playoff spot.

Being on the road it can be tough, but there’s two ways you can look at it. It’s better to look at it as a challenge with a block of games to really try to come together as a team.

We did a really good job in L.A. and then had a tough one in the Bay Area against the Warriors. If we can close out the road trip strong we will be heading back to Milwaukee with some good momentum.

We had a couple of close games early in the year that didn’t go the way we would have liked, so getting a tight win against the Clippers was big. They’re an experienced team with a lot of great players and we showed that we’re getting better on defence and we’re getting better moving the ball, so it’s a good way to be trending at this point of the season.

Khris Middleton’s made a huge impact for us recently. I didn’t get a chance to play with him much before training camp, but when he’s out there he creates an instant mismatch because he’s so tall and has a really good post game. He’s a very underrated passer and he can score the ball.

The big thing for us is winning the games against teams in the playoff race in the East. To get wins against Detroit, Indiana and Chicago, those games are worth two and help us out with the tiebreaker if it comes to that.

We do have a few more games on the road, so when you get those home games you want to make them count. Bucks fans will be excited to have us back after a long road trip and being so close to the playoffs.

We’re winning important games, so it’s almost like a mini-playoff environment for us.

March Madness

With March Madness on right now, you know I’m always supporting St. Mary’s. I got to watch the VCU game and caught bits and pieces of the Arizona game as we were getting ready to play. .

I try not to get too nervous watching St. Mary’s, I don’t want to be yelling at the TV, but it’s always fun to watch them play. Coach B does a great job, the players do a great job with the program and it’s great to watch them playing unselfish basketball.

They try to make each other better and even though they lost to Arizona, it showed how good they are and that they can compete with anyone.

My old Cavs teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye are both Arizona guys, so we had a little wager on the game. I owe them both a nice bottle of wine now.

We had the day off on Sunday so I popped up to Moraga to see the St. Mary’s guys and say well done and a great season. It was great to get a chance to see some of the guys and catch with the coaches.


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