Jabari Parker Family Basketball Camp

Jabari Parker continued to stay involved in the community this offseason and recently held a basketball camp at Grafton High School. The name of the camp was the "Jabari Parker Family Basketball Camp." It was a fitting name because the coaching staff included his father, former NBA player Sonny Parker, coaches who have coached Jabari in the past, and even the Parker's family dog made an appearance at the camp.

Jabari talked about summer basketball being more than just learning about the game, but learning how to work together with people from all different backgrounds. Parker reflected on his fond memories of basketball camps with his idol Juwan Howard. Parker said that Howard told him to carry on the torch when it comes to summer basketball camps and Jabari talked about someday doing the same to someone who might even be in this camp.

After a couple days of drills Parker and the coaches took on the kids. Parker showed off why he was the second pick in the draft with a variety of monster slams and ruthless rejections (check Bucksdotcom on Snapchat for more). It was all in good fun and with a smile that couldn't be wiped from his face.

Watch: Jabari Parker Talks About Summer Basketball

Photos: Jabari Parker's Summer Basketball Camp

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