Giannis Shares His Inspiring Story on 60 Minutes

In Milwaukee we all know what a special player Giannis Antetokounmpo is. The world continues to find out every time he hits the hardwood, but not everyone knows what an amazing story Giannis and his family have.

The NBA has always been a court of dreams with some truly inspiring stories, but none are as unique or as moving as Giannis'. Growing up in the Sepolia neighborhood of Athens, Greece Giannis and his family had to work hard to make money which often meant Giannis and his brothers hustling to sell items on the streets. It’s something Giannis will never forget and why he’s a unique star when it comes to signing autographs. Chris Haynes of ESPN recently asked Giannis why he doesn’t mind signing autographs, sometimes thousands at a time. Giannis just replied "I signed them because that used to be me."

While we couldn’t be more proud to have Giannis in Milwaukee and on the Bucks we know his story has to be shared with the world. That’s why we were so excited when 60 Minutes was in the Brew City (and Athens) to do a feature story on Giannis. In what was the highest-rated episode of 60 minutes since November of 2008 Giannis told his story. Good luck watching without a Giannis-sized smile coming across your face.