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Giannis In MVP Form

by Alex Boeder
Bucks.com Writer

Giannis is coming off one of the greatest regular seasons by any player in NBA history. So far in the playoffs, he has been just as great, if not even better.

And so he is making a run at having one of greatest overall seasons in NBA history. There is a lot to be done beyond a first-round playoff series win over the Magic. But what he is doing is so far is up there with Kareem as the best in franchise history. Zoom out a little more and it is up there with the best in league history.

So, five Giannis numbers for perspective from the five-game series against the Magic:

30/16/6. Not even rounding up! This is what Giannis averaged in five games in the first round against the Magic. And as is custom with Giannis, his numbers are yet more impressive when you consider his modest minutes. He averaged 31.8 minutes against the Magic, just a few ticks more than the regular season. If he had averaged about 38 minutes per game — not an unusual number for a star in the playoffs — those per game averages would be closer to 35/18/7.

.231. Speaking of those 16 rebounds, Giannis leads all players in the postseason in rebounds per game, and he has the best rebound percentage (.231) as well, with both numbers in line (and even improving upon) his dominant regular season on the boards.

32.7. As noted after Game 4, and still true after Game 5, Giannis has followed up the best regular season PER in league history (31.9) by posting an even better PER thus far in the playoffs.

22–6. Giannis dunked 22 times in the series. The Magic as a team dunked six times.

.385. Giannis might not shoot 38.5 percent on threes the rest of the way in the playoffs. If he does? The rest of the playoffs will end well.

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