Milwaukee Bucks Top 10 Vines of All-Time

With Twitter’s Vine on the verge of extinction, we thought it was time to go back and look at our favorite highlight loops from the platform. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention:

OJ’s Oop to Miles, is Plum-lit

If at first you don’t succeed… pass to yourself and slam it home

Block City: Population: 0

Top Ten

10) Middleton to Henson is money.

9) The Bulls Fear the Dunk on Fear the Deer Night.

8) Giannis goes into orbit against Cleveland

7) The Juice is on the loose for this buzzer beater

6) And for Jabari’s next trick, he’ll go behind the back for the slam.

5) Who says you need to see the basket to score? Not Delly.

4) MCW channels his inner Randy Orton and dunks outta nowhere

3) Unlike Mike, DeAndre Jordan gets posterized by Jabari

2) Giannis scores in the Knick of time

1) Brogdon dethrones the King by posterizing LeBron.


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