The Bucks are going to play on Christmas

Is this cool?

Yes. Two of the best NBA days of the year prior to the playoffs are Opening Night (and the home opener, if not one and the same) and Christmas Day.

Opening Night is cool because you are so excited for the season to start that you don’t really care about work or school or whatever for a day, whereas Christmas Day games are cool because (ideally) you don’t have to go to work or school or whatever. In both cases, on both days, you (me) spend a lot of time thinking about the NBA and watching it.

Plus, the Bucks are going to play the Knicks, at Madison Square Garden.

When was the last time the Bucks played on Christmas?

’Twas 41 years ago, in 1977. Marques Johnson was a rookie for the Bucks, and he chipped in 16 points to help lead the Bucks to a win over the Kings. The Kansas City Kings.

Before that, they played three times.

Are the Bucks going to win?

The Bucks are probably going to win. Refer to question number one, answer number one, paragraph number three, for additional context.

Who even plays for the Knicks anymore?

Neither Stephon Marbury nor Jared Jeffries.

Kristaps Porzingis is by far the best and most interesting player in New York, but he is recovering from an ACL tear. According to a recent report, “there’s still a chance of Porzingis being back around Christmas.” Hopefully he will be, for the sake of basketball.

Other than that, Frank Ntilikina is a promising, physical, defensive-minded point guard who just turned 20, but he also shot 36.4 percent from the field as a rookie and is the second guy I think about it when I think about the Knicks, which is potentially not great for the Knicks.

They also have Enes Kanter, a designated offensive player, Kevin Knox, the #9 pick in the most recent draft and a person who presumably played college ball at Kentucky or Duke for a year, and Tim Hardaway, Jr., who…

Has Giannis ever done anything against the Knicks?

Ah. Tim Hardaway Jr. was jumped over and dunked upon by Giannis, not that long ago.

Giannis also once hit a game-winning buzzer-beater at Madison Square Garden, which is where the game will be played.

Back in 2013, Giannis started for the first time in his career, against the Knicks, forced two key turnovers in overtime while defending Anthony, and after falling in the extra period, said Carmelo “can’t come out and start bullying my teammates and me.”

A year and a half later, before the Bucks played the Knicks in London, Giannis said “tomorrow is going to be 16” in regard to New York’s 15-game losing streak. The Bucks were not bullied in that game, and went up 14–0, sparked by a Giannis smash on Anthony.

Last season, Giannis crushed the Knicks twice.

After dropping three of his first four games of his career against the Knicks, Giannis is 11–2 against them.

What are some Christmas Day record that Giannis might break?

Bernard King hung 60 on the Nets in 1984. That is in play. Tiny Archibald put up 18 assists back in 1972 in that aforementioned loss to the Bucks. Unlikely, but throwing it out there. DeAndre Jordan has the Christmas Day record for blocks, with eight in 2011 — keep in mind that Giannis racked up six blocks in a game against the Knicks in 2017.