We Got Gus

He Got Game. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I learned that Gus Johnson would be announcing Milwaukee Bucks games this season (20 of them, to be exact). Johnson makes a cameo in the classic Spike Lee Joint that co-stars a very young and very Bucks version of Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth.

More specifically, the He Got Game song and video started playing in my mind. And then, how I really need to get in touch with the person who decides which songs to play at Bucks games.

Something else probably came to mind when you heard the news about Johnson. But if you know Johnson, then something did. Because that is what Johnson does: He makes you remember games and moments that you should remember. You want them to keep going while they are happening, and then in your memory they never really end.

Ten of the most Gus Johnson Gus Johnson calls

With that in mind, I got lost on YouTube all Friday night looking for the most Gus Johnson of Gus Johnson calls (limited to basketball-only for this purpose). I did not know how to spell most of what comes after the ellipses…

“Here comes the All-American. Morrison. Six. Fires…”


“Isiah. Shot clock turned off. Game clock at eight. He’s gonna do it himself. Thomas, shake, crossover, step-back…”


“Crawford’s gotta hurry…”


“Costello with the rebound…”


“Hall. Eight to shoot. Hall. The runner…”


“They are going to have to go for three. Marcotullio…”


“Harrington for three. And buries it…”


“Knocked away. Crawford. Lets it go from three…”


“You could tell this kid’s from Indiana…”


“Houston pops out up top, down the lane, running jumper…”