Draft Night Gems

Hey. New Bucks GM person! Please draft someone like this.

Yes, some of these guys were not even on the radar at #17, so it isn’t fair to act like they could have been realistically picked at #17. Well, new Bucks GM person: You have pick #48, too.

With one of these two picks, the Bucks need someone who turns into a positively-contributing player on a playoff team. Have you been watching the Finals? To win a playoff game (we’ll start with a game) against the Warriors in the next five years (the probable prime of Giannis), the Bucks probably need someone described in stronger terms than “positively-contributing player on a playoff team”. This player will probably be available. It would behoove the new Bucks GM person to take that player.

If not? The Bucks will still be okay – they have Giannis. They have Giannis and some rather good under-26 players around him. So, they are going to win 40+ and probably 50+ soon, even if they draft Damir Markota’s nephews or something. While the Bucks were a slightly-above-average team and out in the first round this season, they are in the unusual position of employing one of the dozen best basketball players in the world, entering his prime.

And thus: They are on the short-list of teams with honest championship hopes in the next half-dozen years. Miss on draft picks in the next couple years though, and it probably will not happen. Hit one or two, and the Bucks should have a chance to break into the elite; really hit one or two (ex: Manu Ginobili, Draymond Green, Nikola Jokic etc.), and they should be a top-four team within a few years of opening the new arena.

Since the Bucks are in a post-bottoming-out world now with Giannis, their lottery days may be over for a while. This is good, but also a challenge in terms of the draft. Don’t expect to get someone on this level, but also don’t be so realistic as to not even hope for someone like this. You need to be good to land guys like this outside of the lottery, and you need luck. Usually you don’t get guys like this outside the lottery. Usually you don’t win a championship.

This is playfully written but also no damn joke.

Caris Levert (20)
Ivica Zubac (32)
Malcolm Brogdon (36)

Willy Hernangomez (35)
Richaun Holmes (37)
Norman Powell (46)

Rodney Hood (23)
Clint Capela (25)
Nikola Jokic (41)

Dennis Schroder (17)
Rudy Gobert (27)
Allen Crabbe (31)

Jae Crowder (34)
Draymond Green (35)
Khris Middleton (39)

Kenneth Faried (22)
Jimmy Butler (30)
Isaiah Thomas (60)

Eric Bledsoe (18)
Avery Bradley (19)
Hassan Whiteside (33)

Ty Lawson (18)
Jeff Teague (19)
Danny Green (46)

Nicolas Batum (25)
DeAndre Jordan (35)
Goran Dragic (45)

Jared Dudley (22)
Arron Afflalo (27)
Marc Gasol (48)

Rajon Rondo (21)
Kyle Lowry (24)
Paul Millsap (47)

David Lee (30)
Monta Ellis (40)
Lou Williams (45)

Kevin Martin (26)
Anderson Varejao (30)
Trevor Ariza (43)

David West (18)
Boris Diaw (21)
Kyle Korver (51)

Tayshaun Prince (23)
Carlos Boozer (34)
Luis Scola (55)

Zach Randolph (19)
Tony Parker (28)
Gilbert Arenas (30)

Jamaal Magloire (19)
Desmond Mason (17)
Michael Redd (43)


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