10 Numbers From The Win Over The Sixers

by Alex Boeder
Bucks.com Writer

With the game winding down and the win sealed, Giannis dribbled out the shot clock, outside the three-point line. Only, right before the buzzer, the ref whistled him for a double-dribble. One way or the other, these were the only ways that the Sixers could get the ball from him.

26–13. Even with that last-second faux turnover, the Bucks forced twice as many turnovers (26) as they committed (13). While 26 is a ton, no team in the league turns the ball over more than the Sixers, whereas 13 is about typical for the Bucks. Embiid in particular is liable to cough up the ball (he ranks fifth in the league in turnovers per game), and the Bucks did well throwing doubles and hands and fouls and not-quite-fouls at him.

31–5. They say every team makes a run. They do not say every team makes a 31–5 run. The Bucks made a 31–5 run to end the third quarter.

5. Speaking of that run, when Giannis made it a 29–5 run on a finish-and-foul over a retreating Ersan, he went over to the Sixers bench to try to get a high-five from Jerryd Bayless. Bayless no longer plays for the Bucks.

+29. The Bucks outscored the Sixers by 29 points in the 26 minutes that Jason Terry was on the court. I don’t recall him making a play that was not right.

+63. Milwaukee’s bench outscored Philadelphia by a combined 63 points. Not long ago the worst in the NBA, their bench ranks 17th in the league in point differential since Jan. 23.

9–11. Entering the game, Tyler Zeller had shot 7–8 on passes from Giannis. Against Philly, the two continued that nice bit of chemistry, with Giannis collecting two more assists to Zeller. And his one miss from Giannis was via a nifty around-the-back look that Embiid ended up blocking.

16. The Bucks racked up a season-high 16 offensive rebounds, with four players (Giannis, Henson, Bledsoe, Zeller) getting three each. The Sixers are normally a pretty good defensive rebounding team, and you can chalk up some of the boards to good fortune (right place, right time), but the Bucks were also more active and aware than usual when their shots went up.

.458. Sample size is still very small, but with his 3–5 night from beyond the arc, Jabari is now 11–24 (.458) on threes this season. It is too early to know if it is real. But it is encouraging.

-17. The Sixers led 43–31 after the first quarter, and they outscored the Bucks by an unfathomable 17 points while Giannis was on the court. What looked like a fifth straight loss turned into one of his finest games of the season.

0.5. With a loss, the Bucks would have been tied for the Heat for eighth in the East. With the win, the Bucks are 0.5 games behind the Sixers for sixth in the East, and still just 2.0 games out of where they want to be, fourth in the East. Reminder: The Bucks wrap up their regular season with a game against the Sixers. Hopefully they will start the postseason with a few more against them.



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