Bucks MVP Conference Call - 04/27/11

Bucks season ticket membership has many benefits. One of the most unique benefits is the opportunity to interact one-on-one with Coach and GM on an exclusive conference calls. On Wed, Apr. 27, MVPs had the opportunity to ask GM John Hammond and head coach Scott Skiles questions about the Bucks 2010-11 season and plans for next season. Here are the highlights from the call.

Ralph - MVP Since 1988
Who are you looking at in the draft?

Matthew - MVP Since 2005
Why don't the Bucks have an established starting lineup?

Brian - MVP Since 2010
Can Brandon Jennings be successful without a high number of assists?

Kurt - MVP Since 2010
What do you think about re-signing Michael Redd?

Ken - MVP Since 2004
Why didn't Corey Maggette and Chris Douglas-Roberts play more at the end of the season?

Roman - MVP Since 2007
Is there anything besides scheduled compensation being done to get players to play to the best of their abilities?

Manuel - MVP Since 1978
When will Andrew Bogut develop a jump shot?

Jamar - MVP Since 2006
Are you looking to pay and bring some big name players to the Bucks?

Jim - MVP Since 2009
If we can't hit from the outside should we change offensive strategy?

Roland - MVP Since 2008
Why don't we try to rebound long shots?

James - MVP Since 2006
Do you plan on keeping Larry Sanders?

John - MVP Since 2006
Will you be looking to add a veteran voice to lead the team or do you expect Bogut or Jennings to take the lead?

Peter - MVP Since 2009
Is there any opportunity to target a big free agent this summer?

Willie - MVP Since 2010
With all the injuries this year are you looking at any medical staff upgrades?

Mike - MVP Since 2011
What are the goals you have for next season?

Tony - MVP Since 2005
Are we looking to re-sign or extend any of our own players this summer?

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