Bucks Grand Dancers

The Milwaukee Bucks Grand Dancers are composed of men and women over the age of 55 who enjoy having fun and being active. Whether on the court cheering on the Bucks or performing out in the community, they are always sure to entertain the crowd! They work hard and live by the motto “you’re never too old to play.”

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Andres Age: 57

Barb Age: 70

Bre Age: 59

Cindy Age: 66

Diane Age: 69

Donna P Age: 65

Donna Q Age: 65

Frank Age: 77

Jeanne Age: 69

Jerry Age: 75

Judy Age: 67

Kacz Age: 67

Mike Age: 66

Nan Age: 73

Nettie Age: 70

Peggy Age: 70

Ron Age: 66

Sally Age: 62

Shirley Age: 76

Not pictured: Sally F, Tammy