Do you have a pet? Yes! My dog's names are Creed and Gigi after Gigi Hadid the model. I plan on getting one more and naming her Bella!

What is the most embarrassing song on my iPod? I love Popular from the musical Wicked! I know every word from start to finish.

What actor/actress would play you in a movie? Zoe Kravits for sure! I've always admired her.

Who is your biggest role model? My mom is my biggest role model and my number 1 supporter! She has always worked so hard to make sure I have everything I could ever want. She taught me how to be a hard worker and most importantly how to stand up for myself as a woman. She's not only a super-mom but also my best friend.

What is your favorite quote? "If you don't live your life, then who will?" -Rihanna

What is your favorite hobby/pastime? I have always loved reading although I hardly read anymore. I once read an entire book in one night and returned it the next morning!

Who inspires you? The American Ballet Theaters first African American Principal ballerina Misty Copeland has inspired me since I was 8 years old. My uncle brought me a newspaper article about her when I was in 2nd grade and I still have it! She is such a fearless woman and an amazing dancer.

Do you have a favorite movie/TV Show? My favorite movie is Center Stage! I'm not big on watching TV but I would watch America's Next Top Model reruns all day if I could!

What is your nickname? Whit or TT

How long have you been dancing? I've been dancing since I was 2 years old. My moms best-friend who also was a Dancer lived right across the street from me growing up, so ever since I learned to walk, I've been dancing!

What is your favorite thing about the new arena? My favorite thing about the new arena is the jumbo-tron because it allows fans in every seat to be able to see what's happening on the court.

Do you have a pregame ritual? I always close my eyes and say a prayer when the lights go off before our performance and we're almost ready to take the court.

What is your favorite thing about dancing for the Bucks? My favorite thing about dancing for the Bucks is becoming so involved in the entire organization. Recognizing the same fans game after game, becoming so close to my teammates, and making new friends with the other entertainment team members have all been incredible parts of this journey that will stay with me forever. I am so thankful.

Do you have any other special talents? I love to do makeup on other people! I taught myself through YouTube tutorials.

Who is your favorite Milwaukee Buck? Past or present Bango!

What is something that most people do not know about you? Most people don't know that I can tap dance! It was my favorite style of dance when I was younger!


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