Do you have a pet? Yes! I have 5 pets: two dogs, two cats, and a beta fish! However, my puppy Louis is my baby...I love him with my entire heart!

What is the most embarrassing song on my iPod? Definitely Baby by Justin Bieber; he will always melt my heart.

What actor/actress would play you in a movie? Blake Lively! Not only do I love her work (and her hubby), but I have been told many times that I both look like her and have many of her mannerisms.

Who is your biggest role model? My former cheerleading coach Jordan has been my biggest role model for as long as I can remember. She was such an incredible performer, and growing up learning under her made me want to follow in her footsteps.

What is your favorite quote? Walt Disney: "All of your dreams will come true if you have the courage to pursue them"

What is your favorite hobby/pastime? I was a competitive allstar cheerleader for 10 years and competed at the Allstar Cheerleading Worlds 7 times!

Who inspires you? Every day my mom shows me what it's like to be completely selfless and always wear your heart on your sleeve. She inspires me to always follow my dreams and be the best version of myself.

Do you have a favorite movie/TV Show? My favorite movie hands down is Legally Blonde: "it's not that hard"

What is your nickname? Mia, Ken, baby G, or blondie

How long have you been dancing? I trained in ballet and did competition dance from age 4-11 before switching over to all star cheerleading until my senior year! I then danced at the University of Louisville my freshman year before moving to Milwaukee! This is now my second year as a bucks dancer.

What is your favorite thing about the new arena? I absolutely love how up close and personal the fans are. Being able to connect with them more is so incredible, and knowing that they are able to feel more up close to the court is awesome.

Do you have a pregame ritual? Before every game I close my eyes and visualize my dance for that game, and afterwards say a quick prayer the my teammates don't get injured and we have a great performance with no mistakes.

What is your favorite thing about dancing for the Bucks? Not only has it always been my dream to dance professionally, but to represent such a huge organization is truly an honor. Each game is like the first when I run out on the court ... it gives me such an adrenaline rush and I feel blessed to be there to entertain the fans of the greatest NBA TEAM! I also LOVE meeting and talking to kids each day and being able to inspire little girls to follow their dreams.

Do you have any other special talents? I am a level 5 tumbler and I make a mean bowl of POPCORN!

Who is your favorite Milwaukee Buck? Past or present I love watching Eric Bledsoe. When we got him last year I truly believe he was the start to bringing back that aggressive defense and drive within the team.

What is something that most people do not know about you? I was Miss Wisconsin Teen USA in 2015 and dream to walk the Miss USA stage in the (hopeful) near future.


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