Audition Information:

Open Call:

August 11th

Call Backs:

August 12th

  • Open Call: Saturday, August 11th
    • Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center
      1111 N 4th Street
    • Parking: Structure on 6th / Highland. FREE parking
    • Registration: 10:00am-10:30am
    • Participants must be available to stay as late as 10:00pm
  • Call Backs: Sunday, August 12th
    • Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center
      1111 N 4th Street
    • Parking: Structure on 6th / Highland. FREE parking
    • Registration: Noon-12:30pm
    • Participants must be available to stay as late as 10:00pm


Only completed audition packets will be accepted

  • You may turn in completed packets at audition prep classes
  • Audition packets will be accepted the day of auditions


  • Must be 18+
  • High school graduate or GED
  • Available for all home games & two evening practices per week
  • Must have dependable transportation

What to Wear:

  • 2 piece audition clothing.
  • Non marking Sneakers (no jazz shoes)

What to Bring:

  • Dance Resume
  • Completed Audition Packet
  • Proof of ID
  • Snacks

Format of Auditions:

  • Warm Up
  • Across the floor combination (cut)
  • Teach hip hop combo (cut)
  • Gymnastics
  • Call backs August 12 for finals
  • Interviews
  • Teach finals combination
  • Select dancers

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will the judges be looking for?

  • Judges will be looking for dance technique, ability to retain choreography quickly, athleticism, well spoken ambassadors for the Milwaukee Bucks.

How many spots are available?

  • There is no pre-determined number of candidates we will be looking for, however the average team size is about 15-20 members
  • Current team members must audition again, however they will automatically advance to the second day. No spots on the team are reserved for veterans

How should I prepare for auditions?

  • Attending one of our audition prep classes is the best way to prepare yourself for auditions
  • Seek additional dance/technique classes at a dance studio near you
  • Train to get yourself in top physical condition

Is this a full time job & what is the compensation?

  • No, this is not considered a full time job, however it requires a very large commitment
  • Dancers are compensated for rehearsals, games, and events

What is the time commitment for team members?

  • It is recommended that team members have a flexible schedule. In addition to weekly practices and games, the team is involved in various community and charitable events on a voluntary basis
  • It is possible to hold a full time job or be in school, however we recommend that you have strong time management skills
  • Dancers must have the ability to commit to a year-long contract

Audition Prep Classes:

(Not required)

Participants will learn sample choreography that will be similar to what you will learn at auditions.

Participants should expect to perform athletic fast moving choreography.

The prep class will take place at Elite North Shore located at: 5750 N Glen Park Rd, Glendale, WI 53209.

Prep Class
Tuesday, July 31, 2018: 7pm-10pm

  • Warm up/stretch
  • Learn Hip Hop choreography
  • Audition Tips
  • 1 person will be chosen to move on to the finals
  • Cost: $15
  • The class will be taught by Latrice Gregory.
  • Latrice was formally a Knick City Dancer, and since then talents have been featured on entertainment outlets such as "American Idol", "American Music Awards", "Sex & The City", and "Saturday Night Live" to name a few. She has also performed for esteemed audiences which have included The First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama. Latrice has recently been known for her work in "Super Bowl XLVII" with "Beyoncé" in her history making halftime performance. Latrice can currently be seen dancing on an episode of NBC's new hit sitcom "Fresh off the Boat" and CW's award winning sitcom "Jane The Virgin."

What to wear:

Any dance attire is acceptable. Shoes with non-marking soles are required.

What to expect:

Participants will be introduced to the various responsibilities and expectations of being a Milwaukee Bucks Dancer.



If you have further questions about Milwaukee Bucks Dancers auditions please contact Molly McQuade @ 414-227-2744 - or use the form below.