Energee! Bio: Kristy


Hometown: Greendale. WI
Birthday: February 23rd
Years on Team: Rookie

I work for Kohl’s Corporate

Interesting Fact People Don’t Know About You:
I’m pretty crafty and I love to sew and scrapbook.

Aside from dancing, my ideal job would be:

To be an event planner for a non-profit organization planning their annual fundraising events and galas.

Guilty Pleasure:
Peanut butter M&Ms

This or That- Twitter or Facebook:
Twitter all the way

My Friends Would Say I:

Am outspoken and a social butterfly.

My Most Memorable Moment as an Energee! Dancer:
Was striking my ending pose after our home opener routine! I think that’s when it finally hit me that this isn’t a dream and it’s actually real!

One Thing You Can’t Live Without:
The amazing support of my family.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
When people say “I can’t” without even trying.

What Are You Most Looking Forward to This Season:
Aside from dancing and performing, I’m looking forward to meeting all our supportive fans at appearances and games!


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