Energee! Bio: Becky


Hometown: Stevens Point, WI
Birthday: August 28th
Years on Team: Rookie

Dance Experience:
Throughout my life I have taken and taught many dance classes. I also earned a degree in dance from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Group fitness instructor

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee:

The architecture. Having come from a small town where no building is taller than 3 stories, the taller buildings and unique architecture of Milwaukee is beautiful to me.

Interesting Fact People Don’t Know About You:
I have a motorcycle license.

Guilty Pleasure:

Just call me cookie monster because cookies are my weakness!

Celeb Crush:

LL Cool J, he is one gorgeous hunk of a man.

My Advice To Young Dancers:
Have fun! It can be easy to get preoccupied with perfection and caught up in the technicalities of dance, but if you’re not having a blast what’s the point in dancing in the first place?!

My Friends Would Say I:
Am a quirky, quiet, fun-loving girl who loves to be first on the dance floor.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
When people say “samich” instead of sandwich. I don’t know why, but it bugs me.

What Are You Most Looking Forward to This Season
Having the opportunity to be a part of the games that are real nail biters and keep the crowd on the edge of their seats.


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