Energee! Bio: Angela


Hometown: Oak Creek, WI
Birthday: June 6th
Years on Team: Rookie

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee:
I grew up watching and playing ice hockey, so I love going to Red Arrow Park in the winter to go ice skating downtown.

Interesting Fact People Don’t Know About You:
I donated my hair 2 times to Locks of Love. She managed to fight off the negatives in life and push her way to the top of the career ladder. I admire her for focusing on the positives and not letting anything or anyone drag her down.

If You Had a “Theme Song” It Would Be:

All-American Girl by Carrie Underwood. I’ve gone from being a pageant girl to a tough ice hockey player. I’ve done a little bit of everything.

Aside from dancing, my ideal job would be:
I am currently going to school to be a Cardiovascular Technician. I also would like to get a business degree.

Deal Breaker:

Someone who can’t be themselves around me.

My Most Memorable Moment as an Energee! Dancer:

The first time I was on the basketball court with the entire team. Looking around and realizing all of my hard work had paid off and I was a part of an amazing team.

One Thing You Can’t Live Without:
My family has supported me through everything, I wouldn’t have accomplished nearly as much as I have without them.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
Being told I am not capable of doing something I want to do.

Favorite Movie:
Night at the Roxburry, I can quote the whole movie!

Why Did You Decide to Audition for Energee:
Other than I love to dance and that I love being a part of a team. I grew up watching the Milwaukee Bucks on TV and I remember saying to my dad, “Dad that will be me on that court dancing one day.”


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